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  • Diamond X6

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2 LONG years in the making – we’ve finally blown our load. Our highest-ranking Pig Chiefs set out to create the playroom of our dreams. The Diamond X6 is a complete hole playground that delivers 6 paths to ass nirvana. Up your fuck game to the PRO level. For a LIMITED time, it ships FREE (Continental USA).

The Sling Story:

It all begins with the MOST stable Sling Frame we’ve ever built. The FT Unibar vertical supports are SEAMLESS, our first ever. Add to that, our signature Diamond Interlock Core and our FT Boot Grip Base. Zero sway. Zero distractions. Ride on the most SOLID platform ever. Nestle into our revolutionary Mesh Sling and kiss a sweaty back good bye. You are comfortably supported with not one, but TWO ballistic nylon pillows. Diamond X6 is equipped with infinitely adjustable nylon straps + stirrups. Enjoy a clank-free ride in the perfect position. Get a full view of Sir and yourself in the overhead mirror.


The Fuck Machine Story:

The X6 is a power pushin’ hole stretchin’ beast. Compact, and our most powerful ever, it delivers a 3 inch THRUST. Toggle it from gentle to oh FUCK! We really sweated the details for hand-held play. Tops will love the textured silicone handles, with the trigger grip that is infinitely adjustable.

The X6 Fuck Machine is the FIRST that can be mounted to a Rim Chair. Grab the sides of the chair and have a seat, and bounce. Included with the X6 is a groundbreaking solo Base that delivers an UNLIMITED range of angles, and lets you go doggy like never before. It’s got a wide footprint for stability, and suction cups that stick to any smooth n’ seamless surface.

The Rim Chair Story:

Squat riding n’ tongue grindin’. The X6 Rim Chair is on for double duty.

Round 1: Sit your ass down. Not only do you get to be comfy, but he does too. His head rests on our ballistic nylon pillow. Adjust to 3 different heights so you can go DEEP. While other rim chairs have 4 legs, ours has TWO. Your arms are never pinned to your sides and you can work his tits while you lick. The industrial seat is scratch resistant.

Round 2: Mount our Fuck Machine to the base and you’re ready to ride. This is the ONLY Rim Chair that fucks you. Just mount ANY FT Real Deal or Cyborg dong (not included).

  • Sling Frame
  • Mesh Nylon Sling with Adjustable Stirrups
  • Sling Fuck Machine Mount
  • Convex Mirror
  • Lube + Paper Towel Holder
  • Universal Phone Mount
  • Military Nylon Carrying Bag
  • Gunner Basic
  • Adjustable Fuck Machine Base
  • Rim Chair
  • Rim Chair Pillow 
  • Rim Fuck Machine Mount

*Ships FREE for LIMITED time (within the continential USA).*

DIMENSIONS for the Sling Stand:
Height is 78 inches (1.98 meters) tall. Width is 50.5 inches (1.28 meters) (facing on to fuck.) . Length is 65 inches (1.65 meters) (facing sideways). Made from Sturday .047 inch thick steel, it is designed to hold up to 400 pounds. The frame itself weighs 45 pounds so it can travel as checked baggage on most airlines.

DIMENSIONS for the Hammock Sling:
Nylon Hammock measures 22.4 inches (56.90cm) in width and 35.4 inches (89.92cm) in length. Holds up to 440 pounds.

DIMENSIONS for Fuck Machine:
The Fuck Machine uses a standard 2-prong 100 volt plug. A converter is required for international use. The motor delivers a 3 inch (7.62cm) stroke and maximum rate of 190 times per minute. The Fuck Machine is 16 inches (40.64cm) long, 8.66 inches (22.00cm)  wide, and 10.2 inches (25.91cm) tall. Weighs 9.7 pounds

DIMENSIONS for Rim Chair:
The Rim Chair has 4 different height settings:1st  Setting is 15.2 inches (38.61cm) in height and 21.3 inches (54.10cm) in width. 
2nd Setting is 16.5 inches (41.91cm) in height and 22 inches (55.88cm) in width. 
3nd Setting is 17.7 inches (44.96cm) in height and 22.7 inches (57.66cm) in width.
4th  Setting is 19.7 inches (50.04cm) in height and 24.8 inches (62.99cm) in width. 
Weighs 10.85 pounds


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