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FT Stealth Shower Shot

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FT Stealth Shower Shot
FT Stealth Shower Shot
FT Stealth Shower Shot
FT Stealth Shower Shot
FT Stealth Shower Shot


Now you can hide your douche nozzle in plain sight! The secret is literally hidden INSIDE the hand-held TRIPLE SETTING shower head.

Simply unscrew the shower head and in seconds…you’re ready to cum clean!

Perfect for mixed company households or whenever your parents come for a visit! Hand’s down… one of the most useful items we sell.

The Stealth Shower Shot attaches to any standard bathroom hose. For plumbed showers, just add a diverter and use the FT Stealth Shower Shot shower head as a spa-style second hand-held. Your guests will NEVER know!

PLEASE NOTE: The Stealth Shower Shot comes with the Nozzle and Shower head attachment only, all other parts can be purchased separately.


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February 3 2017

bought this for the shower I share with my roommate. works great and I now couldnt go without it. only one thing though: tyhe rubber clear seal that goes between the shower head and the nozzle isnt thight enough and after about a month it would leak water. Since my roommate didnt comment, I don't think she noticed, but that could've been an awkard moment. but it come with an extra flat black seal for the hose. since I replaced the clear one with the extra black one, I havent had any problems! Has been working amazingly for monts now!!!

— alex
January 13 2017

Just received my Ft Stealth Shower Shot yesterday. It was easy to install and worked GREAT! The convenience in incredible and the dual purpose camouflage aspect is PERFECT! Another great product from Fort Troff. I highly recommend it.

— Jon C. Dykstra
July 3 2016

It was easy to install. We also bought the snake attachment. Using both allows for hours of play without any concerns. We highly recommend it!

— Phillip
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July 2 2016

The FT Stealth Shower Shot is GREAT. Ideal for having the "shot" right there when needed yet discretely hidden inside the shower head. The "shot" works great and a perfect clean out! I highly recommend it. Great job FT.

— Steven
April 22 2016

I live with family and I have my own bathroom but from time to time, my bathroom and shower gets used by others.. This was a perfect thing to have to disguise what it really is. I looks and functions just like a regular shower head. 2 things I wish were different...I wish it would have come with a diverter and a mount....and I wish the hose were a little longer. I can't recommend this enough if you live in a situation where other people might see this and that can cause an issue. Thanks!

— Gerard
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