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  • Brawny Hog Ring

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Lift heavy and fuck HARDER.  Nothing keeps you BONED longer than a heavy metal cock ring.

The Brawny Hog delivers the heft of metal, but with a superior design. Cased in silicone, the Hog is entirely pinch FREE. No skin snagging. No getting your bush involuntarily trimmed. Secure and strong magnets keep it sealed tight.

Grunt tested and approved, the Brawny Hog is polished with biker style chrome. It puts the spotlight on your hot rod and, when it’s time to rev up, the Hog won’t let you down.

For longevity, we recommend water-based lubes like our Grunt H2O Glide. Wipe clean with any mild household cleaner, a soapy wet rag, or our Mean Clean toy cleaner. DO NOT submerge. Store separately from all silicone toys and items in a cool, dark place.

The Brawny Hog Ring has an internal diameter of 45mm and adds 0.5 lbs of weight to your meat.


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