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  • Cush Ringer

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The Cush Ringer provides endurance without sacrificing comfort because it is made from our signature cush silicone, the softest on the market. Cush silicone has a plush marshmallow feel, while still providing firm support. Warms instantly to match your body temperature.

Two large balls at the base of the ring push your nuts forward to give the boys a show. Two smaller balls at the top of the ring keep you harder longer, while providing pleasant pressure at the base of your cock.

Stretchy enough to fit even the largest package, the supple silicone is comfortable enough for long-term use. Never worry about lasting while you’re blasting his ass–put your dick through the Cush Ringer today.

Ultra-hygienic, our cush silicone products are bleach-safe and a breeze to clean. Give them a rinse with mild soap and warm water, or better yet, a quick spritz with our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.

Made of silicone, so you can use ANY damn lube. We recommend using our Grunt Cum CBD. Wash with a mild soap and warm water. Or give it a quick spritz with our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.

The unstretched diameter is 1.37 of an inch (35mm).


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