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  • Magno Bull Balls

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Fort Troff Bull Balls has a half-inch of additional solid metal width and weighs 1.5 pounds (our standard MAGNO Ball Stretcher is 12 oz). Best part, you can lose the damn hex wrench. Old-school ball stretchers require unscrewing to remove — not ours. Our magnetic design lets you pop our MAGNO Bull Balls on and off in seconds. Simply pop off the magnetic piece, slide your balls into the ring, and gently reattach. You'll be swingin' heavy.

Please understand that the magnet is STRONG. Please use caution when putting this ball stretcher on. Go slow…and get ready to PLAY BALL.

To clean use rubbing alcohol, as water will WEAKEN the strength of the magnets or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys.

Magno Bull Balls measures 1.5 inches in height. The outer circumference is 8.5 inches with the inner diameter of 1.25 inches. Fort Troff MAGNO Bull Balls is the XL version of our standard MAGNO Ball Stretcher. Bull Balls is made for pro fuckers with big, heavy low-hangers needing that extra “holy fuck.”


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