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Male Chastity Cage Training

You can call me Coach. Why Coach? Because that’s what I do. For the past few years, I have been behind the scenes at Fort Troff always ready to train our models when we introduce them to something new.

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite kinks.

I’m talking about Chastity Play. You read that right, the guy that works with hot muscled men with rock hard throbbing cocks truly enjoys locking his cock in a cage. To be clear, I do not identify as a sub. The reason is not what you would expect if you have never tried chastity.

Why Chastity?

The first time I saw someone’s cock locked in a cage, the thought of my cock being off limits made me cringe.

“What the fuck?” Why would anyone want to do that? How could neutralizing your cock make you horny? Naturally, my curiosity pushed me to answer this question.

So I went out and got my first cock cage and I immediately wanted to wear it in public. I love wearing kink gear in public in a way that’s only recognizable to guys that are into the same thing, whether its a harness under my shirt, a B-Plug, a cock ring as a bracelet… you get the idea.

Like a good newbie I fiddled with the cock cage until I got it on nice and comfortable and I took my ass to a gay bar, nervous that the bulge the cock cage made in my crotch might be too noticeable.

To my surprise, nobody seemed to notice. No one knew that my dick was off limits … until I was talking to someone and my friendliness was mistaken for flirtation. This guy was reading my signals wrong and decided to grab my junk uninvited. I barely felt him as he vigorously groped the cage and asked, “what is that?”. I explained it was a cock cage and that my dick was off limits. The handsy stranger was clearly confused. At that moment I knew that chastity for me was armor and not a prison. Being in Chastity meant being in control and control feels powerful.

Furthermore, being in chastity is hot to me as a keyholder because I’m honored that someone trusts me to hold their key and to be in control of their sexual self. Self-imposed chastity is just as hot because I feel 100% in charge of that side of myself.

I recently had the privilege of being a keyholder for a first time Chastity Sub while his partner was out of town. We will call him “The boy”.

The boy is in a relationship with a hot kinkster friend of mine who came to me for a recommendation on what chastity device he should get.

I said I could do better than a recommendation and asked him and his partner for permission to let me be his key holder for 48 hours. They loved the idea and both agreed. I created a list of training assignments for The Boy. I presented the list to the boy’s Dom for his approval and encouraged him to get involved in the fun. His Dom made one addition to the assignment list, that the boy was not allowed to remove the cock cage until he delivered the key to his Dom. in LA. That means that the boy would have to go through airport security without the cage being discovered. I thought this was risky and hot! I was pretty confident that the Fort Troff all silicone cock cage wouldn’t be noticed, but there is only one way to know for sure right?

The training assignments are listed below:

The Boy’s Chastity Cage Training Assignments

 Your mission is to securely lock up your cock for the next 48-Hours. Your Key Holder is providing you clear written assignments for you to complete during the next 48-hours

Step 1 ) State Your Purpose – Why do you want to be caged?

Step 2) Get Comfortable – Take it Slow, if the device causes you pain you might need adjustment. It should be Snug but not pinching. You have 2 hours to try out the cage and make adjustments. During this time you can take the cage on and off. Add lubricant as needed. 


  1)    Take of pic of yourself caged in lace underwear

  2)    Take a picture of yourself exposing your cage outdoors

  3)    Take a 20 sec video of you pissing through your cage

  4)    Select your favorite toy and fuck yourself until your cock swells and leaks precum. Pic of your ass plugged while and cock cage.

  5)    Sleep in your cage 

  6)    Remain Caged from 8pm on day one to 8pm on day two

  7)You can only unlock your cage when you arrive in LA on Thursday

In his own words the Caged Boy’s Statement of Purpose:

“My purpose for being caged is multifaceted. Ironically, it is to gain more control while simultaneously losing it.

I’ve been interested in chastity ever since I heard about it

So, I’ve decided to try chastity to help myself control/limit the use of my cock and times I cum in order to cultivate self-control. Having the cage on, I’ve realized how much I touch, caress, tug, play with my dick throughout the day…a lot.

It’s delightfully frustrating not being able to get hard, even though I’m more aroused than usual.

Another aspect is losing control. I’m in a Dom/Sub relationship where I am the sub. Being able to serve my Sir and have him to decide when and how I can cum, turns me on so much because he knows me so well. What I like, what I don’t, etc.

So, while gaining control over my excessive masturbating habit, I’m also able to give more control to my Sir when it comes to our sex life.”

1)    Take of pic of yourself caged in lace underwear

2)    Take a picture of yourself exposing your cage outdoors


 3)    Take a 20 sec video of you pissing through your cage (video coming soon) 


4)    Select your favorite toy and fuck yourself until your cock swells and leaks pre-cum. Pic of your ass plugged while and cock cage.

5)    Sleep in your cage ( He did complete this task but you can’t exactly take a selfi as you sleep)

Job Well Done Good Boy

I loved helping the boy get adjusted to his cage initially then I was amazed at how quickly he became comfortable in the cage. He approached his assignments with dedication and enthusiasm.  I loved receiving pictures throughout the day as he completed each assignment.

The Boy made it to L.A. and handed over his key to his Dom. He managed to stay Caged for 48 hours but with the key in his Dom’s hands it was another 16 hours of being in a cage before he was allowed to touch himself.

A little planning and good communication is the secret to what made this so much fun!

I’m happy to share this experience with my Fort Troff Fam maybe it will inspire some of you to come up with your own cage training assignments.