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How to Give a Great Rim Job

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Fort Troff Rim Chair 2.0

I once starred in a movie called Bunch Munch! It was all focused on rim jobs, which are a particular kink I enjoy. The scientific community refers to rim jobs as analingus, but everyone else has their own fun name for it: rimming, ass eating, butt munching, tossing the salad – the list goes on.

Whatever you call it, rim jobs are a sex staple! For us gay millennials, a rim job is as commonplace as a handshake. Rimming isn’t just about sticking your face in someone’s crack and poking your tongue around. It’s about saying hi with your mouth (consensually) to someone’s hole. Thinking of it as making out with a sometimes hairier set of lips. Believe it or not, there is an art to butt munching: the art of rimming.

Communicate! Clean? Musky? Ripe? Dirty? These are questions for your sex partner that are preferably asked before they start rimming you. There’s no one right answer. Everyone has their personal preference, and we’re not here to kink shame, or judge. Just make sure everyone is on the same page. I prefer butt muchin’ on a musky hole and hate it when the guy showers . . . but he won’t know that if I don’t communicate with him.

Use your breath! Don’t underestimate the effect of breath on the skin. Air adds another layer of sensation, which depending on your sex partner’s sensitivity, can tickle, comfort, arouse, or annoy. Read the room and pay attention to nonverbal cues.

If all is going well, make a small “o” with your lips and blow on your partner’s hole to make them moan. This is usually a cooler breath. If you want to amp up the sensation, have a mint, some ice, or incorporate smoke into your rim job. Different things in your mouth will give off different sensations. Use warm breath to moisten the hole and add a tingling feeling of expectation — tease them and make them hungry for your tongue before you dive in.

Start slow! We all can be uptight at times and get a little anxious around sex. Take your time tossing that salad, and let the hole get warmed up. The more relaxed, the more it will open. Poppers are great for opening up holes.

Spread those Cheeks! You know when you watch porn and see one guy gingerly licking the outside of another guy’s ass? That’s fake AF and not what you should be doing. In porn, you cheat things for the camera to make them look better. It looks good, but it doesn’t necessarily feel good. For a rim job that feels great, spread those fucking cheeks so that tongue can get buried inside. Once you’re inside, lap it up and alternate flicking your tongue lightly with light strikes. Some like their hole sucked on, but be careful about sucking too hard as this can get painful . . . but then again, maybe they want that!

Go Deep! Get that tongue in as deep as you can and eat that ass like a cannibal! The nerves within the inner rectum are extra sensitive and will add that much more enjoyment to the person getting their butt munched! If your legs get tired or if you’re eating a meaty ass, kick back and sit on a rim chair. This allows your legs and your hole to relax and get that tongue in deep. Fun Fact, if you’re staying in a hotel room, you can use the luggage stand as a rim chair – just put some pillows underneath!

Remember, it is always ass-eating season, and there’s only one way to become a Pro! Practice, Practice, and more Practice!

* Featured product image is the Fort Troff Rim Chair 2.0