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How to Use a Raw Pup w/ Mount N Knot

The Raw Pup is:

  • Masturbater (you can jerk off in it)
  • Cock Extender/Sheath (when you fuck someone with it your cock feels bigger to them)
  • Butt Plug (you can fuck yourself with it)

It also happens to be on of my favorite toys. Ok confession time… I haven’t always enjoy bottoming. My approach to bottoming was basically to hold my breath until it felt better. And it rarely started to feel better.

That’s when the Raw Pup and the mount N Knot come in, the first time I used a Raw Pup on myself I was surprised. Once the raw pup was inserted I was able enjoy to sensation of being penetrated without the discomfort from the friction of an object penetrating me. I almost get chill bumps thinking about how good the Mount N Knot Felt as I write this now.

If you have a Raw Pup & Mount N Knot or you’re curious about trying it I want to offer you the following step by step instructions on how you can use them.

You will need:

Raw Pup , Mount N Knot, Water Based Lube (I repeat, absolutely only water based lube)

  • Lube up the inside of the raw pup, then insert the Mount N Knot. Lube up the outside of the raw pup
  • You might notice some air gets pushed into the tip of the raw pup, go ahead and purp that our through the bottom of the raw pup

Inserting and Anchoring the Raw Pup


Notice that there is a fat bump at the base of the raw pup? That the anchor. That part has to be inside your rectum so the raw pup in anchored while your fucking.

Here is the trick to locking the anchor in place.

Use the mount N Knot to stuff the raw pup in up to the anchor

When the anchor is at the opening of your anus remove the Mount N Knot

With the Mount in knot Removed, fold the anchor until it slips in your hole

Once it is in it will unfold on its own and lock in place (keep in mind the Raw Pup is soft and squishy)

Final step… GET fucked!

Here is the video with Hugh Hunter that shows how this works