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Why Holes Love a Heavyweight

By Beastly | @BadAlexCheves

“The Tug”

I’m dating a fisting beginner. Watching him experience all the sensations I felt when I was new is very cute and very powerful. I remember beginner me, moaning on the bed when someone pistoned a small plug into my hole, gaping my cunt for the first time. Now I’m watching that same breathless, beautiful moan on my bed.

He recently discovered “the tug” and wants to experience it again very soon. The tug is what I call the feeling of a rounded object sliding or popping out of your hole — what some guys call “pistoning” a butt plug. The last time we played, I used a cylindrical metal butt plug with a flexible silicone pull cord. He was growling into the pillow, mumbling “pull it out,” “pull it out.” When I gave a good, fast tug and popped it out, he yelled. “Again,” he said, breathless. “Again.”

For me, assplay works best when I focus on feelings and sensations, not physical actions. When I play with tops, I ask them not to tell me what they’re going to do, or what they want to do. I simply want to experience what they have in store. I don’t train for “goals” unless the training feels good.

I know guys who work up to two-handed punching because they want to be two-handed punch pigs. Not me. I just want to explore the feeling of my pussy getting used, and let someone take me on a journey. If that journey ends with two-handed punching, that’s awesome, but that’s not a pre-set destination for me. If I set goals, I get too much in my head about my ability to reach them, and then the whole lovely experience of exploring my body naturally gets ruined by some false idea of an endgame.

Do Butt Plugs Hurt?

Playing for sensation is important in a scene that often feels like a competition among practitioners — particularly to beginners. If any beginners are reading this, it’s OK if you’re still tight. It’s OK if you can’t take a fist yet. You never need to lie about your skill level in order to play — and shouldn’t. That’s how people get hurt.

I know we tend to glorify “pro” holes, ruined cunts, sloppy gapes, and wrecked pussies, but don’t think for a minute that means you have to work up to a certain skill level in order to play or be appreciated in this scene. Everyone is welcome. If you want someone to make your butt feel good, you’re in the club.

My boyfriend and I are playing for sensation, not goal. This is why, after seeing how much he loves the tug, I’m going for heavyweights next.

I have an intimate relationship with the tug. The tug is what led me from small to medium butt plugs, medium to large butt plugs, then fisting, then punch fisting. I love the pull-out, the gape, the stretch, the bloom. At one point on that journey, I learned that weighted butt plugs create this amazing, “filled” feeling. They’re more “present” in your mind — they make you more aware that something is inside you, and you really feel them when they get pulled out.

Assplay Games

If you’re into assplay games, it’s fun when you get sloppy and have to work to keep a weighted plug in — especially when your mean top gently pulls at it while telling you not to give it to him. If you’re into extended-wear play, weighted butt plugs can be a discreet, intense assplay game. Walking around with a weighted plug makes you feel every step, every gesture, more strongly, and really works the muscles in your cunt. I’ve heard of one anal masochist who wears 1 lb weighted plugs in his cunt for nearly every social event — an admirable form of self-training (or self-torture).

None of Fort Troff’s plugs are 1 lb — they’re all sized and weighted for beginners, for guys like my boyfriend who are ready to start the experience. None of them are enormous — and needn’t be. You can get XXL plugs elsewhere — we choose to focus on beginners ready to open up. Also, weighted butt plugs don’t have to be huge, and shouldn’t necessarily be. In the mind, they feel bigger because of the weight, which makes them great for guys who are slowly stretching and want to experience a new sensation along the way.

What to Buy?

Fort Troff’s weighted plugs come in three sizes that gradually build from 5.5 inches in girth to 8 inches in girth — an ideal starter range. (Smart shopping tip: If you purchase the full kit, you save $20.) I’ve had the largest one in this set roughly tugged out of my hole. It left me breathless and moaning, “Do it again.”