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7 Reasons Why You Need a Butt Plug

By Beastly | @BadAlexCheves

If you want to take assfucking to the next level, you need a good butt plug. Or ten. We recommend starting small and getting more as your skill develops. Bafflingly, a lot of people out there don’t know what butt plugs are used for, or why some people (like me) love them. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Butt plugs feel better than you think they do. 

You think they probably hurt. Truth be told, you might be a little right. They might not be comfortable, at least not in the beginning. That’s why you have to start easy and train. You might also think butt plugs are pointless. Here’s why we use them: The longer you keep one in your hole, the more relaxed and open your hole becomes. You gently stretch and hold your hole open. This makes whatever you do after (sex, butt play, more toys, whatever) less painful and more comfortable. After your butt loosens up, the plug stops hurting. In fact, it starts to feel really good, and after some practice, you may find that you want to keep it in for longer periods of time.

2. Butt plugs are essential for beginners to anal.   

Your hole is a muscle called the “anal sphincter.” It’s one of the strongest muscles in your body. Your brain keeps it tightly closed for most of your life, opening only to use the bathroom. This is why, when you first start getting fucked, your brain associates the feeling with taking a shit. Don’t worry, that passes with more time and experience. The fact is, you can train your brain to work differently. You can train your brain to start enjoying the feeling of this muscle opening. You can train your brain to love how it feels getting fucked. How? Butt plugs. Seriously.

3. Butt plugs are cheap. 

A butt plug is a simple, basic toy. At the expert level, some get pretty pricey, but if you’re new, you’re not ready for them and shouldn’t spend too much money on your first.

4. Plugs are great to play in public. 

Some guys love staying plugged for longer periods of time. Extended-wear butt plugs are more than just good ass trainers. Some guys enjoy them as a fetish all on their own.

5. Butt plugs train your ass for XL. 

Hungry for monster cock? Taking big dicks is a fantasy that can become a reality when you train your hole to accommodate big stuff. Practice on bigger and bigger butt plugs.

6. Butt plugs are required for guys who want to try fisting. 

Fisting starts with plugs. Seriously. Before getting fisted, you should feel comfortable sliding a large butt plug in and out of your hole on repeat, stretching your ass and gaping your hole. Once you can do this, you’re ready to try a hand.

7. Into piss or cum? Get a tunnel plug. 

Some guys love being a human urinal. Hollow butt plugs (tunnel plugs) are made for this. Some guys like getting filled with other liquids (cum, water, spit, lube, and so on) and may seek tunnel plugs with “stoppers” that keep the juices inside. There are many other butt plugs too: inflatable plugs, cone-shaped dilators help you stretch your hole, clear glass plugs that let guys see inside your ass, and countless more. Explore your options.

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