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Porta Plow
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  • Porta Plow
Porta Plow
  • The BEST sling alternative.
  • Keep his legs UP, hole EXPOSED.
  • Detachable pillow supports your head and neck.
  • Adjustable leg straps fit ANY body shape.
  • Padded leg supports for XTRA comfort.
  • Increase your endurance and OPEN UP.
We admit: Metal sling frames are awesome and can be a pain to assemble. They take up a ton of space many fuckers don’t have. If you don’t have room for a sling or the patience to lug around a heavy bag of parts when you travel, Porta Plow does the job in seconds. Get drilled legs-up, sling-style, anywhere.

Durable padded Ballistic Nylon straps keeps your legs UP, hole exposed. You can sit back, relax and focus on getting USED anywhere with unbeatable comfort. Best part? It fits in your carry-on bag.

The bottom’s legs stay up, supported by sturdy padded stirrups that cushion your legs without digging into your skin. The sweat-proof nylon strap has a plump detachable pillow to support your neck and back. Porta Plow lets you amp up your endurance for XTRA long play sessions. Our premium travel sling is great for fucking, toy play and fisting.

CARE 'N CLEAN:  Made of Ballistic Nylon, Cleaning is simple, gentle wash with warm, soapy water and hang dry. Quick to set-up. Even faster to store away.

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