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*All CBD products are intended for topical application only.

Grunt Oil CBD is BACK at the Fort.

Our BEST way to slick up your stick. You get a blissful RELAXED effect. Hands down and cocks out, this is the BEST friction-free way to stroke and fuck we’ve ever offered. Relax and take a bigger schlong!

Here are the details: Grunt Oil CBD is supplied by a company that is known for the BEST in quality and potency of CBD products. Harnessing the sensual power of hemp, you get a full-body relaxation and a clean, engaged mind. No, you won't get fucked up or desensitized. Your ass will simply feel really fuckin good.

Caution: Grunt Oil CBD has not been proven to be compatible with latex condoms.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil *, Hemp Extract (Broad-Spectrum CBD), *Denotes Organic Ingredient 

Cleaning up after romping is a breeze. Just use a de-greasing soap (no harsh chemicals) and warm water. Do not leave on toys or fabric as this will stain if left.

Keep bottle at room temperature. Do not heat or freeze. Shake bottle vigorously before each use!


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