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  • P-Spot Pointer

  • SKU: 62-22-0004-01-99


  • Hit your P-Spot
  • Finger Fuck Motion
  • Taint Knockin' Base
  • Mix n' Match Vibes
  • Flex Neck Comfort
  • Remote Control + Rechargeable

Knock your taint and your p-spot. The P-Spot Pointer has TWO rumblin’ motors to get you one and DONE. All in one package with a friendly newbie size.

The Pointer's head is designed to MILK your p-spot. It delivers a hefty tap... tap... tap motion... almost like get finger fucked.

Meanwhile, at the base, engine #2 is hard at work ticklin' your taint. The textured tail delivers a STRONG bump.

P-Spot Pointer is all about comfort and variety of sensation. Made of premium silicone, it FLEXES and moves with you. Mix n' match 9 different speeds and 9 patterns with the remote... for an almost endless wave of ass-ations.

Wash with mild soap and warm water or use our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Allow to air dry. Do not submerge.

Total Length: 6 Inches (15.25 cm).
Insertable Length: 4.5 Inches (11.5 cm).
Max Diameter: 1.5 Inches (3.8 cm).


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