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  • E-Stim Jolt > P-Spot

  • SKU: 03-51-0004-01-00


E-Stim Jolt Series:
These toys pave the future of E-stim play. Every electro tool in this E-Stim Jolt Series is WIRELESS and comes with a remote. The remote controls the shocking functions AND vibe functions of each E-stim tool. Displayed on the BIG LCD screen you can watch your intensity increase. Additionally, the remote can be used to control MULTIPLE tools from this series. For example, you can have the cock ring on, and the butt plug up your hole, and turn ‘em BOTH up at the same time.

Crème de la crop of any E-Stim Series; this is a next-gen electro experience at a price we’ve never been able to offer. We MATCHED the technology of E-Stim from kits that cost hundreds of dollars to deliver a stronger and more pleasant jolt.

E-Stim Jolt > P-Spot:
The E-Stim Jolt > P-Spot toy delivers a sick electro shock AND it vibes. Choose from 3 E-Stim intensities + 3 rumbling vibe speeds + 2 Patterns. Plug up and go this fucker is MADE for longevity. It has a nice FLEX to the neck, so you can guide it in and hit the RIGHT cum button. At the top is a fat bulb to zing your P-Spot. Made of Premium Silicone, you can use ANY lube… but we recommend our FT Jolt Juice.

Wash with a towel that has mild soap on it with warm water. DO NOT SUBMERGE. Allow to air dry. Store in a cloth bag away from other toys. We recommend using our Jolt Juice for a SUBLIME E-Stim experience… BUT use ANY damn lube ya want!

Insertable Length is 4.3 inches (10.92 cm).
Insertable Circumference is 4.7 inches (11.94 cm).
Total Length is 5.1 inches (12.96 cm).


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