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  • Daddy's Belt Paddle

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Once you break the rules, you get the paddle. Daddy’s Belt is a nod to the traditional leather belt. While it looks simple, it gives a BIG wallop. The strap is velvety and extremely flexible. Put some umph into your swing and wrap it OVER his ass, thighs or even back. This sting is designed to make him buckle. This one is for the Beginner to Intermediate impact players. The thick handle at the end it flat so it lays in your palm perfectly. The entire paddle is made from Premium Silicone so you can swing HARD.

Wipe off with a disinfectant wipe and allow to air dry. Or give it a quick spritz with our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.  Since this product is made from Premium Silicone, feel free to use ANY damn lube you want on it. We recommend using our Grunt H2O Lube.

Total length of the paddle is 17 ½ inches.


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