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  • Serpent Tail

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When you need more than just a spanking - the Serpent Tail does the job right. The thin triangular design does its justice for agility and quickness. It’s delivers a breath-catching bite that evolves into a crawly spread across the skin. With the handle lightly held, each stroke can be applied in intricate patterns. Hold still piggy and breathe…. Not to mention the handle doubles as an insertable plug.

This one is for the Intermediate to Advanced impact players. The best areas to safely use this on are the back, thighs, ass, and even LIGHTLY on the balls for CBT play. Made from Premium Silicone it warms up easily to the skin. For true pain pigs try pairing this with ourBoot Kicker Paddle.

Wipe off with a disinfectant wipe and allow to air dry. Or give it a quick spritz with our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.  Since this product is made from Premium Silicone, feel free to use ANY damn lube you want on it. We recommend using our Grunt H2O Lube

Paddle handle is 6.5 inches (406.4 mm).
Total length of the paddle is 16.5 inches (419.1mm).


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