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The Cum Dump’s Guide to Mid-Atlantic Leather

By Beastly | @BadAlexCheves

The Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill in D.C. is a huge brick building with box bushes dotting its imposing entranceway.  Last weekend, the hotel was home to every kind of depravity under the sun. Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Leather 2017. As the token cumdump of Fort Troff’s road team, my goal was to take as many loads as I could during the long weekend. Here’s how well I did.

Day One. 

We set up shop in the vendor mart and I’m exhausted. Someone knocks on the door. My coworkers want to walk around the host hotel and see if we can peek into any rooms to see orgies happening. I douche and meet them on the tenth floor, the “lookout,” a hallway lined with windows where you can look across the center courtyard to the rooms opposite. Parted curtains reveal slings and guys in them, groups of men waving their dicks in the window. We wave back (with our hands).

Five loads at two sex parties, followed by one sweeter, one-on-one hookup before heading back to my room.

Count: 6

Day Two. 

After the vendor mart closes, there’s a circuit party in the ballroom. On my way out, I bump into an old friend from college. He grabs my hand. “Are you leaving already?”

“Yeah. Need to hunt for loads.”

“Get any in the backroom?” I didn’t know there was a backroom. This was still a hotel, after all. He grabs me by the wrist and drags me across the dance floor to a corridor on the far wall. It opens to a side room. Men are crowded in the far corner in the dark. I slowly walk in and drop my pants.

The first guy is massive. He slides in hard, all the way the balls, and fucks me over a chair. Then I get tag-teamed by a couple who do not speak English. Then a burly gentleman with big balls. Then a handsome black man sitting in a chair. At eight loads, I get tired and walk to the hotel across the street. I sit by the elevator and cruise Grindr. A shirtless, curly-haired gentleman steps out of a room nearby to fill his ice bucket. He looks at me. “You good?” he asks.

“Yeah. Just hunting.”

He dips back inside. A few minutes later, he pokes his head out again. “Wanna come in?” He tortures my balls for an hour, then breeds me against the window. My hands leave prints on the glass.

Count: 15

Day Three. 

Got fucking while working the vendor booth. Went to the bathroom. The guy at the urinal next to me had a massive dick. He shakes it at me, and I bend over the suck off the drop of piss lingering on the tip. He nods to a stall.

It is a very long day. The team goes to dinner. After dinner, I meet with a man I’ve been talking to. We go dancing in the circuit party happening in the downstairs ballroom. On the dance floor I feel his cock pushing inside me. It was one of the longest cocks I’ve ever taken. I couldn’t handle the crowd, too tired, so we go back to his hotel room.

Count: 18

Day Four. 

When the truck leaves the dock with my coworkers on it, I feel a massive sense of accomplishment. I go to the lobby and meet a daddy who gives me the first load of the night. A horde of men and women in leather are gathered in the lobby. I get four more loads back-to-back. Back in the room, I shower. I start cruising the hallways. Six loads almost immediately at various sex parties. My energy is starting to drop. Work was too much, too long, too many people to talk to.

In the elevator on the way back up, a man in a leather vest notices my red hanky in my right pocket. He asks if I want to get fisted. I say yes. He takes me to his room, puts me in a sling, ties my hands and feet, and puts a rubber horse bit in my mouth. When his hand pushes in, I bit so hard that my teeth still hurt as I write this. After leaving his room several hours later, I get a few more loads from open doors down the yellow hallway, where sex parties will be happening all night.

I’m so tired. I wandered back to my hotel room in that exhausted daze and pass out.

Final Load Count: 34