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5 Essentials for MAL Weekend

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend will be returning to D.C. January 14–17, and we here at the Fort are already packing our bags. For us, this is our Christmas.

Whether this will be your first MAL or your 11th, there’s always something exciting to discover. And we’re definitely in the business of keeping you excited. We’ll have much more to say about MAL in the coming weeks—and you should definitely plan ons topping by our booth to say hi!—but in the meantime, here’s a peek at what 5 essentials we’re bringing, all of which belong in your own bags.

Stow ‘N Go Gear Bag

Store all your needed gear in Fort Troff’s convenient Stow ‘n Go Gear Bag! With eight individual compartments to keep your sex tools totally organized, it’s the portable toy box specifically designed for Grunts on the go. Plus, enjoy two dedicated, zippered wet bags that are great for lubes, jizz towels, or anything else that may have gotten a little nasty during play.

Grunt Grease CBD (non warming)

Fort Troff’s thickest grease with 200mg of CBD? Your hole says thank you in advance. The CBD delivers relaxation that doesn’t diminish sensation. Like the top of your dreams, this thick formula stays put. Not condom compatible. For topical application only.


Lay back and relax with FT BOOF CBD. These amazing, butt relaxing suppositories deliver a Premium Broad-Spectrum CBD, formulated for muscle relaxation and maximum pleasure. The sensual power of hemp creates full-body relaxation with a clean and engaged mind. In other words, your ass will feel really fucking good. Caution: CBD oil is not recommended to use with latex condoms. We recommend using non-latex protection.

Blind Skullfuck kit

This kit includes both the Blind Skullfuck Hood and the Skullfuck Knee Pads. The hood is snug neoprene with a wide open mouth for super sluggers. Our matching kneepads offer extra thick padding. Choose red, yellow, or blue trim. Make a mess? Toss it all in the washer when done!

Raw Pup

Over four year in the making and perennial mega-hit seller, the Fort Troff Raw Pup fattens any cock with an extra soft, thick layer of cushion. You can go harder and longer—while getting stretched wider. For bottoms, the bullet-shaped head glides in easy, while the small bulbed “knot” at the base is easy to pop in, and once there it’s staying put. For tops, Raw Pup feels like the slickest fuckhole you’ve ever slid in. Turn his hole into a jack-off sleeve and drill him hard.