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  • Twist 'N Suck Version 4.0

  • SKU: 03-40-1301-00-00


Does Nipple Play really get you PUMPED!!?! Then you gotta try these puppies. Here is version 4.0 that improves upon what was already called THE BEST NIP TOY we've ever carried at the Fort.

Our next gen handle gives you better LEVERAGE, even with your greasy hands! The inner suction disc is SMOOTH and STURDY so it won't rub your nubs raw. Version 4.0 is wider so you get MORE sucking power.

Just lick, stick 'n TWIST and HANG the HELL ON! Even a short pump session makes your tits WAY more sensitive. Great for training your tits. If you wanna grow larger, juicier, mega-sensitive nips look no further. EZ to use with amazing STAYING POWER, you can even lead your bottom slut around by his freakin' TITS.

Clean-up is a breeze. Just use soap and water. Air dry.

Inside diameter is 26mm. Total length is 4 inches.

Super hairy dudes are gonna have a harder time getting and keeping a good suction. So go hardcore and shave it so you can get sucked and grow!


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