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  • Tenga - Soft Cup

  • SKU: 08-34-0013


The Tenga Soft Cup provides more give and more SQUEEZE. The pre-lubed, vacuum control cup keeps the suction TIGHT on your cock. Bust inside for no-mess cleanup.

You get a choice of fuckhole fits: Gentle, Strong, and Premium. Gentle is for Grunts who love a sloppy used hole. Strong is for fans of tight ass.  Premium is something in between. (Select in our drop down menu.)

Tenga offers 3 cup designs in this series. This is the Soft, which has a flexible casing for more grip with every stroke. We also offer the Original and Rolling Head cups.

Rinse out with water and keep jacking. Or trash it for a fresh hole if you don’t want sloppy seconds.

Care 'N Clean:
Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Only use water-based lubes like our Grunt H2O.

Insertable Circumference is 2.56 inches (6.5 cm).
Total Length is 6.1 inches (15.49 cm).

Comes in three fits: Gentle, Strong and Premium.


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