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A tech breakthrough in fastest, easiest clean EVER. Splash Down delivers a constant flow with ONE TOUCH.

The days of awkward bulb squeezin’ and accidentally pumpin’ air up your ass are OVER. Splash Down delivers a steady, gentle flow automatically. The premium silicone nozzle delivers multiple streams to ALL angles, for an efficient, thorough clean.

The bulb holds 350ml of water, which is usually enough to get you cleaned out in ONE pass. Not only does clean, it VIBES. Yeah buddy, this fucker quakes and trembles with 3 speeds… so you can clean AND enjoy the ride. Splash Down is completely rechargeable.

Wash out thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and warm water after you clean. Place both the nozzle and the bottle open face first so all excess water can drain. We recommend using our Grunt H2O Lube when using this mega blaster. 

Insertable nozzle length is 5.5 inches (139mm).
Holds 350 ml of water.


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