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  • Punisher Paddle

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Deliver MAXIMUM impact with our sleek Punisher Paddle. This lightweight slapper is equipped with four long, narrow tongues that dole out weighty, thuddy blows. This all-in-one ass wrecker is cumpletely VERS. The handle can be used to deliver a hot blunt impact...and doubles as an intensely textured PROBE. Turn his ass red... then get DEEP.  

Fort Troff premium Liquid Silicone is like no other material. It’s lightweight and delivers killer leverage for a range of blows and speeds. And it’s EASY to clean ‘n’ sterilize. Boil it, bleach it, or clean it any damn way you want. 

It's Fort Troff signature silicone, so you know the drill. For longevity, H20 lube is best; try our Grunt H2O. Wash it off after every use with soapy water or our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher or dip it in bleach for a thorough clean. Store away from all toys in a dark place - away from heat and direct sunlight.

17” total length; 8.75” tongue length; 0.4” tongue width for each tongue; 1.48” handle width.


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