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Our Punish Bundle is packed with 4 Kinky pig products. If you are a newbie, this is the perfect rucksack for deployment. Here’s the lineup:

Two years in the making, the Blackout Blink is a dream cum true. Our CUPPED design allows you to BLINK. Surrounded by foam padding for all-day comfort, our SILICONE molds to fit your face. You can stay blind for HOURS. The elastic strap fits ANY size head and moves with you.

Hardwire Hangers are ready to spring into action. Standing at attention at the tip of each handle is a ridged silicone pad developed by our Grunt Army to grab a MEATY CHUNK and hold on tight. Tug and pull with confidence thanks to the 14-inch reinforced wire that connects the clamps. Make that lil’ fucker squirm by adding weights to the center ring.

Instantly become a man of service for use n’ abuse. Our Skullfuck hood covers your entire head and most of the face. Made from FT Athletic Neoprene, this is the BEST no-fuss material for rough play gear. It’s TOUGH... breathes... and molds to the shape of your head. The XTRA-large mouth makes cocksucking EASY... and great for rimming hole. And it’s machine washable.

Suck It Bitch spray instantly SOOTHES so you can TAKE MORE. And we're talking FAST. Benzocaine is the numbing agent, quick acting and designed to lessen the natural gag reflex so you can go LONGER, DEEPER. No more whining. No more complaining. Just SUCK IT BITCH!

Details on Blackout Blink.

Details on Hardwire Hangers.

Details on Blue Skullfuck Hood.

Details on Suck It Bitch 2.0.


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