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  • Pop Topper Glans Ring

  • SKU: 03-37-0002-00-99


Let the meat gazers stare at your new addition and go all googly eyed.

Stimulate and toy with his hole with beaded sensations… The Popper Topper Ringer easily slips of the top of your dick and rests right under the head. This allows more bloodflow to travel to your head and make it enlarged. Once you’ve got in on it pronounces your head and leaves you EXTRA sensitive. The boys won’t take their eyes off you. PLUS it makes it look like you have a pierced cock. *drool* This ring is made from Surgical Steel and is body safe.  The Popper Topper is designed to fit MOST cut cocks.

Heads up: If you’ve got a really thick, or big cock it’ll be too tight.

Wipe off with a disinfectant wipe and allow to air dry. Try to wipe off any excess liquid to prevent rusting over time. Use ANY damn lube you want. We suggest using our Grunt Grease for a smooth process.

1.18 inches inner diameter (29mm).

Surgical Steel.


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