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  • Pack N Jack

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The BEST designed packer for FTM dudes! Stroke your confidence AND your cock. Pack N Jack delivers the aesthetic of a hung buck…AND it cups you.

Unlike others, Pack N Jack does NOT have a flat back. The opening creates a strong suction TO you….so it won’t fall off when you’re swingin’ your dick around. Inside is a ribbed stroker so you can JERK... wherever the fuck you want. Squeeze the bottom of the shaft to create an even TIGHTER suck. Shit feels so good, you’ll be on brick in a jiff.

But that’s not all boys... Pack N Jack is also sports free swingin’ nuts. No more pushing you down... just OUT.

Pack N Jack is made of TPR, and warms quickly... to become part of you.

Quick wipe with our Mean Clean toy cleaner / air dry.

Length: 4.5" (11.43cm) Hole Depth: 2” (5.08cm)


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