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  • J-Lube Powder

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J-lube Powder has been a go-to lube NECESSITY for years. It's a favorite for guys into toys, hours-long fuck sessions, assplay 'n FISTING.

J-Lube is completely inert and non-irritating. Mix J-Lube Powder with H20 and you got an INSANELY slick lube that stays thick 'n goopy for HOURS. Change the thickness and consistency by adding more powder OR more H20. Make it how YOU like it.

This container will make up to 5 gallons of MEGA-slick lube!

Polyethylene polymer, dispering agent.

Mixing instructions are printed on the bottle. Cleanup can sometimes get a little tricky, just sprinkle a bit of salt to decompose the J-Lube. Finish off with warm water and soap. J-Lube is latex safe. It's VERY SLIPPERY, so watch out for spills. *Not a Medical Device, for anal use only*


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