Product Safety Guidelines


You've seen the big sign at local smut shops that reads: "FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY" … Well, that's such bullsh*t disclaimer — we're all ADULTS here and we KNOW how you men play. We also know guys like their toys.* As such we've put together some basic rules that should be common sense in order to help protect your ass (literally & figuratively)!

Learning about various fetishes and the toys that facilitate these activities is essential. You don't have to become an expert, but we do recommend developing a level of expertise that all skilled players have in common. Doing so will give you the peace of mind that you're not only playing safely, but effectively. Research the activity you're interested in to pick up tips from devout fetishists who use these toys to create the type of mind-blowing play you're seeking!

Thorn will tell you what distributors of sex toys are not allowed to tell you for fear of legal ramifications — how to play safely. Please know that, although Thorn's suggestions may be distributed by the sellers of sex toys, the suggestions are not endorsed by the sellers and, most importantly, these are just suggestions. You have to use your common sense as what's safe for one person may or may not be safe for another person.

*TOY (n): any item that may be used for the purposes of stimulation or arousal.

  • PENETRATION: Any time a toy penetrates the anus… there's a RISK of tearing tissue which can lead to infection or transmission of STDs. Likewise, there's a risk of rupturing the colon — which can cause sickness &/or death. If you think you may have damaged torn somethingSEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.
  • INSERTIBLES: If a toy is inserted into any orifice, make sure it is clean/sterile. If sharing, stretch a condom over any latex compatible toy. This makes clean-up a breeze as well. Pay attention to not use any toy in such a way that may lead to it breaking off inside the hole. Additionally, too much air/water pressure or use of alcohol may cause unwanted results. Nothing lasts forever — especially plastic — watch for cracks which can house bacteria and breaks that can cause injury.
  • SOUNDS: These are becoming HOT little instruments of urethral satisfaction right now! Remember, sterility is key here — we cannot stress this enough. Be sure to use only high-grade silicon or surgical steel sounds. Both should be boiled for several minutes and allowed to cool to room temperature on a clean towel or medical drape before use. Use surgical gloves and Sterile Lube®. Be careful not to cross-contaminate. Begin with a large dollop of lube on a clean surface to avoid cross-contamination and lube the first half of the instrument. Start slow. Pressure or dull pain is normal… sharp pain is not. The sound should ideally "slide down" naturally then stop. NEVER FORCE ANY TOY. Avoid entering the bladder. Well-endowed individuals may find it disappearing. (If this happens, reach under the balls at the perineum and simply push the base of the sound upwards.) Pulling out an inch or two, then gently allowing it back in a couple times will allow you to become comfortable with the experience. Any "stretching" of the piss slit with increasingly larger sized sounds should be done slowly and gradually over time. Always clean with soap and hot water immediately afterwards. Difficulty pissing with slight burning sensation and even a little blood is usually normal for a few hours or a couple days (especially if you're new to sounding.) Signs of fever, discharge, &/or cramping — seek medical attention. Those prone to urinary tract infections may want to avoid this particular fetish. This sort of play entails some level of risk that cannot be avoided. Learn from others adept in the play and remember that what's safe for one person may or may not be safe for another.
  • BALL STRETCHING: We sell a wide range of different ball-stretchers. Start with a reasonably comfortable size and increase over time. Go slow & train your nuts. Silicon stretchers are great for fucking and can usually be worn until obvious signs of discomfort set in. Avoid lube as slippery hands can make stretching the device over the testicles difficult and unnecessarily painful. Weighted ball stretchers are good for actual stretching. (Again, start slow and limit the amount of time worn so as not to rip the skin or damage the cords.) Restricting blood flow to any part of the body including the scrotum can cause permanent damage. Learn from someone with more experience and use your common sense as this is not risk free play.
  • Toys such as GAGS that are used inside the mouth can cause damage to teeth and worse, suffocation. Pay attention and NEVER leave a gagged individual unattended.
  • BONDAGE can be a lot fun. It can also lead to nerve damage. AVOID pressure points (any place where nerves/veins run close to the surface esp. around the neck, elbows, & knees.) ALWAYS make sure the one in bondage has a clear way to communicate and never leave him alone. Same goes for 'solo' trips — DON'T.
  • RESTRAINTS: (see above) With this said, restraints are specifically made to be used primarily around the wrists & ankles. Use of the proper toy for the intended area is recommended. Make sure the item fits snug, but not so tight it cuts off blood circulation. Suffocation can occur any time limbs are stretched out long enough ("spread eagle") to hamper blood flow. Think crucifixion.
  • PAIN: Any toy that inflicts pain can cause serious injury (to yourself or others). KNOW your limits as well as your partner's. Also, know that what is safe pain for one body may be dangerous and damaging pain for another body.
  • Electrical Toys: Never use near water AND do not use above or across the HEART (i.e. nipple to nipple). Always start at a LOW setting and gradually increase. Learn on yourself FIRST before using on another. Carefully clean electrical control box/unit using a cloth lightly moistened with alcohol.
  • MINOR LACERATIONS: Any time skin is broken during play, make sure it is treated properly to ward off infection. Use of hydrogen peroxide &/or antibacterial soap followed by anti-microbial ointment is generally recommended.
  • Whips / Paddles / Floggers: Impact toys such as these should be used with caution as they have the ability to inflict serious harm. Safe zones include the butt, front of thighs, dorsal muscles of the upper back (avoiding the spine) and pecs (but even these zones may not be safe for all bodies). Use caution on the calves, cock and bottoms of feet. With a firm grip, start lightly to gauge a partner's tolerance and go from there. Steady, rhythmic impacts are good for longer scenes to build endorphins. Sudden, painful impacts for punishment should be carefully employed and delivered properly. We strongly encourage finding a skilled mentor who can instruct you first—hand on the art of wielding a whip or flogger — as these require a significant amount of practice and can easily cause injury. Once again, any time skin is broken during play, make sure it is treated properly to ward off infection. Clean paddles with a soapy cloth and wipe dry. The tips of whips are usually called "crackers" and should NEVER touch the ground.
  • Douching: Everyone's hole is slightly different, but generally the same rules apply. Start slow. Use enough plain warm water (no soap) until you feel comfortably "full." Wait a few minutes and release. Repeat as necessary, but don't overdo it. Water may likely pass into the colon past the second sphincter, causing discomfort and tensing of muscles. Relaxation is key and comes with practice — which is why deep cleaning (using the longer nozzles) is recommended for the more seasoned practitioners. Care should always be given so as not to tear tissue by inserting or forcing a nozzle too quickly. Studies have shown that douching may make it easier to pass HIV during condomless sex, so use your judgment. Habitual practice may cause irregularity &/or lead to douche dependency. No shit.
  • COCKPUMPS: Let's face it, bigger is better and, these days, more and more guys are pumping their dicks up. Proper size is important to get the desired results over time. To get those results, start with a warm soak. Apply lube liberally to help create a seal. Hairy guys can either trim or use one of FT's grease—based lubes (Kunt Kreme® / Elbow Grease® / Fist Lube®). For most people, pump for no more than 15 minutes tops, every other day at a pressure that feels comfortable (but, for some people, this may be too much pumping). Don't overdo it. Too much, too soon, can damage both tissue and vascular integrity. However, more experienced pumpers find optimal results pumping 15 min ON / 15 min OFF — two or three times a day. Again, do not forget that what is safe for one person may not be safe for another person. This sort of play has unavoidable risk.
  • HOODS & GAS MASKS: These can certainly add to the "head—trip" factor. However, normal communication (via eyes / mouth) can be a problem. Pay attention! If airflow is even slightly hampered by way of a hose, make sure this is NEVER restricted. Blocked airflow can cause mental faculties to slow down and even DEATH. Same goes for BREATH-CONTROL PLAY. Never leave a partner unattended when his air in/out—take is obstructed.
  • Play sober. Drugs & Alcohol not only impair judgment but dull the body's natural warning response to PAINa good sign that things are NOT okay.
  • USE A SAFEWORD OR SIGN. Make sure there's a clear form of communication to stop any current activity, should the need arise. (HINT: Make sure it's something easy to remember.)
  • CLEAN TOYS = HEALTHY BOYS. Nasty things like bacteria, fungus, & viruses like kinky things as much as you do. Learn your toys and know how to clean them.
  • THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE THIS SORT OF PLAY COMPLETELY RISK FREE. If you follow all of our suggestions, there is still risk with this sort of play. Every body is different, and safe play involves a learning process. Thorn is not a doctor and these suggestions are not any form of medical or professional advice. I encourage you to obtain medical advice before engaging in any risky activity as what is safe for one person is not safe for another person. Thorn's opinions and safety tips do not guaranty that these tips will keep all people safe all the time. YOU ACCEPT THE RISK of possible injury (including minor injury, serious injury or even death) when engaged in this sort of play or using these sorts of toys/devices.