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What Every Sex Dungeon Needs – Fort Troff

Is a sex dungeon something that gets you and your partner excited? You’re not alone!

These sex-only rooms are gaining more popularity. Netflix has even shown its sensual side with its release of How to Build a Sex Room.

If you are thinking about creating a sex dungeon for you and your kinky piggie, we want to make sure that you have the right tools. Here are the most essential items for your new playroom.

Cuffs and Restraints

Restraints are one of the best ways to experiment with submission and dominance, whether you’re into cuffs, shibari ropes, bondage tape or hogtie. Get some restraints that are made of quality material and safe for the person being restrained. Tip: If you use rope, ties or tape, make sure to keep a pair of scissors nearby. When things are getting hot and heavy you may want to free your partner.

Paddles and Whips

Impact play and spanking can be done with your bare hands, but adding paddles and whips to the mix takes the experience to the next level for both players. Start with the least intimidating versions and work your way up (unless you’re already a pro).

Collar and Leash

If the sub(missive) likes being led around, get a collar and leash. You can hang it from a hook when it’s not in use. This will add to the look and feel of your room.

Sex Sling

Here’s a project for your handyman: installing a sex sling in the bedroom. These can be loads of fun. Sex slings open up so many more options for sex positions. They are essential for any true sex dungeon.

Sex Furniture

Sex furniture can also be a fun addition, and the uninitiated might not even recognize it for what it is. Try a wedge chair to help maneuver your bodies into interesting new positions. Bondage benches and boards are another great way to take things to a new level.

Hoods, Blindfold and Gags

Restricting one sense can heighten the others, which is why blindfolds, hoods and gags are so popular. You can get a special blackout mask, or just use your air travel sleep mask. Your partner will never know what’s coming.

Benches and Table

Finally, some people love to use benches and tables—they offer more freedom of movement for the dominant partner, and sometimes it’s easier to restrain the submissive person on the table instead of a bed.

We hope this got you excited and motivated to get to work on your X-rated sex room. If you’re looking to build your dream sex dungeon, you can purchase all the essential items at