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Our Porta Cross locks your sub SECURELY in place by the wrists and ankles. It's just right for teasing, punishsing, and hardcore GRUNT sexual positions.

Pin that fucker down and get him where it hurts. Stretch his nuts, clothespin his nipples, gag that pig! The options are limitless with both front and rear access, plus you can adjust the pitch.

And just beacuse it's portable, doesn't mean you don't get a sturdy, steady cross. Push it against a wall, or into corner, for even greater stability. He's NOT going anywhere. The rubber feet keep it from slipping, and his body weight secures it.

Made from hefty n' durable powder coated steel our Porta Cross has 4 thick D-ring anchor points. The thickly padded center piece adds a measure of comfort. It goes together in under 5 MINUTES... without the use of tools. It stashes away, under your sofa or bed in seconds when the fun is over.

You can spot-clean with most household cleaners. Do NOT bleach.

Height is 6.8 feet (2.05 meters) tall.
Width is 33 inches (0.83 meters).
Depth is 43 inches (1.09 meters).
Made from sturdy 1.2mm thick steel, it is designed to hold up to 450 pounds (204kg).
The frame itself weighs 40 pounds (18kg) so it can travel as checked baggage on most airlines.


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