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  • Nip Suckers 3.0

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Nip Suckers 3.0 suck your tits through hours of rough play. These brutes are great for nip play newbies or eXXXperienced nip torturers. Simply lick‘em or apply a quarter of lube, press them on and feel your nips gradually SWELL inside, without the pain of other nip gear. NO tubes, buttons or pumps, just a bare ‘n ready tit. MAXIMUM, nut-busting sensory overload.

The Nip Suckers 3.0 come in solid black. If you have particularly hairy nips, lube ‘em up with chapstick, we include a tube! Helpful tip: press the top dome to push the air out of them first (they should make a popping sound) before pressing them on your nips to guarantee a snug suck.

**Warning: These are STRONG suckers and you should go slow. Limit your first nip training sessions to 2 minutes.

Clean-up is a breeze. Just use soap and water. Air dry.

Inside diameter is 1.5 inches (38.1 mm). Total length is 1.75 inches.

Super hairy dudes are gonna have a harder time getting and keeping a good suction. So go hardcore and shave it so you can get sucked and grow!


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