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Nip Knobs
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  • Nip Knobs
Nip Knobs
  • Get FAT, SWOLLEN nips in no time.
  • FT Nip Knobs deliver the ultimate SUCK.
  • STRONGER pressure than any before.
  • Press knobs create a skintight seal.
  • QUICK release...just TUG and LIFT.
  • A killer pump = MAX nip sensitivity.  
Nipple guys, are you READY? Get FAT, SWOLLEN nips in no time with the ultimate tit Sucker from Fort Troff. FT Nip Knobs have press tabs that deliver hard airtight suction and the ultimate nipple PUMP. Plus, these knobs are CHUNKY so you can swallow your whole nip in one, hot, tight SUCK.

When you’re ready to see your handiwork, gently pull ‘em off. Take a look...then give ‘em a FEEL. A killer pump delivers ultimate sensitivity. Tell your boy to give ‘em a lick or push his head down and make him SUCK...HOLY HELL. If you have particularly hairy nips, lube ‘em up with chapstick...we include a tube!

Clean-up is a breeze. Just use soap and water. Air dry. 

Inside diameter is 1.5 inches (38.1 mm). Total length is 1.75 inches. 

Super hairy dudes are gonna have a harder time getting and keeping a good suction. So go hardcore and shave it so you can get sucked and grow!

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