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Jumper Clamps
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Jumper Clamps
  • MACHO tit tuggers designed by Fort Troff.
  • All-purpose NIP CLAMPS for hardcore Grunt Play.
  • NO PAIN just a massively BONER-INDUCING feel.
  • LOCKS ON with micro-grip technology.
  • The JUMP you need to crank your engine GOOD.
  • The PAIR cums with a Flex Silicone Connector.
We worked LONG `n HARD to design the right pair of NIP CLAMPS for hardcore Grunt Play and think we scored BIG!

Durable and light-weight, these MACHO tit-tuggers LOCK ON with micro-grip technology. Jumper Clamps create a massively, boner-inducing feel WITHOUT the intense PAIN caused by other clamps. They have oversized pads that grab a nice chunk of nip and STAY PUT.

Plus, they are connected by a Flex Silicone strip that’s way better than chain. It won’t get caught in your hairs and feels good against the skin. It’s just long enuff to TUG ON or HOLD in your teeth!

Jumper Clamps have been tested by our entire squadron, from new recruits to Fort Troff’s seasoned drill sergeants. We GUARANTEE these hungry helpers will give you the JUMP you need to crank your engine GOOD.
Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Only use water-based lubes like our Grunt H2O Lube.  

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