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Magno Nip Tuggers STRONG
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  • SKU: 02-40-0402-00-00 Magno Nip Tuggers STRONG

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  • Magno Nip Tuggers STRONG
Magno Nip Tuggers STRONG
  • Magnetic PULL gives your tits a good TUG.
  • Looks like you've got PIERCED nips.
  • Set of 4 magnetic balls
Introducing the XL version of our Magno Nip Tuggers, which are over twice the size and have WAY more magnetic pull.

Nip tuggin' just got WAY more fun thanks to this pair of Super-Magnetic balls. Yeah, we're all diggin' how cool they look, like you've got PIERCED nips. But that's only half the story, cuz they really do have enuff magnetic PULL to give your tits a good TUG. And they will stay put.

The XL size has a SUPER-STRONG magnetic PULL to give your tits a serious TUG, ARRRRGH! If your tits are WIRED to your cock and you are ready for a hardcore YANK, then you gotta have these bad boys in your toy bag.

There's a total of 4 magnetic balls so you can hook up BOTH of your tits.

To clean use rubbing alcohol, as water will WEAKEN the strength of the magnets

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