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  • Fraternity Leather Paddle

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    Fraternity Leather Paddle


Tops: Make him BEG for it. BOTTOMS: Be a good boy. Fort Troff Fraternity Paddle is built of premium leather. It’s a tool for S&M newbies. It packs a medium sting, not TOO painful. For SIRS, it’s EASY to handle...and will turn his ass rosy RED. So fuckin’ hot.

This is the best way to train for pain as an S&M submissive. Fraternity Paddle is FIRM with medium flexibility. The sting is dulled slightly by dual-layer leather, with a firm core in the handle. Our generous 16.5-inch length delivers an even distribution of force.

A leather hanging cord makes for easy storage when you’re done.

For best results, use your favourite leather cleaner


16.5 total length. Handle is 6 inches in length


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