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Fathead Xtender 2.0 White
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  • SKU: 03-35-0101-07-00 Fathead Xtender 2.0 White

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  • Fathead Xtender 2.0 White
Fathead Xtender 2.0
  • No one has our game-changing formula! 
  • SOFT body delivers cushion for the bottom. 
  • FIRM head, so Tops can really drill. 
  • Add 2 xtra inches to your cock.
  • Inside ridges that squeeze n’ suck your shaft.
  • Tugs your nuts for ball-slapping action.
  • Premium Silicone…use ANY damn lube.  
  • Design so good it's Patent Pending.
We revamped our smash-hit Fathead Xtender with a new formula that no one else has. Most cock sheaths are too soft to deliver much sensation, or way too firm — no one wants to stick their dick in a hard plastic pipe. 

Fathead 2.0 gives you the best of both: Soft, flexible, skin-like edges that squeeze and suck your shaft, and a firm head that adds TWO extra inches in length. A loop at the base keeps it on while gently tugging your balls. Turn your cock into the ultimate drilling tool and give a hungry hole everything it’s begging for...and more. 

Design so good it's Patent Pending.
Use any damn lube you want, just remember to wash it off when you're done. Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. 

DIMENSIONS: Un-stretched circumference is 5.5 inches at widest point. Total length is 7.3 inches un-stretched. NOTE: Fathead Xtender 2.0 is designed for guys with small to average cocks. If you’ve got a monster cock, sorry, but this tool probably will not fit. 

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