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Electro Maxx Power Box
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  • SKU: 03-53-1301-01-00 Electro Maxx Power Box

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Electro Maxx Power Box
  • Are you ready for a JOLT?
  • 7 settings to make you CUM to the MAXX
  • Electro Maxx Power Box is our premium electro box
  • Buy all the accessories seperately to customize your kit
MAXX Power Box gives you cumplete control over your next E-Stim fuck session without ANY complicated dials or confusing hardware. This premium box is our STRONGEST power box EVER!

Our intuitive, EASY-to-use MAXX Power Box is made for cum-hungry jolt pros. Use it on standard mode or AMP up to Higher setting for DOUBLE E-Stim.

7 settings range from a gentle pulse to heavy THROB. The intuitive control panel lets you set run time so you can LEAVE it and focus on your moaning SUB. Switch settings with ONE click or let the AUTO function cycle through ALL seven. MAXX Power Box delivers maximum sensory overload for moderate to experienced E-Stim fuckers. Our MAXX Power Box runs on 3 AAA batteries, which we include.

MAXX BOX INCLUDES: MAXX Power Box and 3 AAA batteries. Wires and accessories would need to be purchased separately.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Spot clean all ELECTRO gear with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not submerge. For a better clean, spray down and wipe clean with our Mean Clean toy cleaner. We strongly recommend using Jolt Juice when using any electro item.

ELECTRO PLAY SAFETY TIPS: While E-STIM can be powerfully fun and orgasmic, there are precautions you should know. As with any electrical device, AVOID using near water, pools of sweat or piss. This may damage the device and cause an unintentional SHOCK. Keep ALL play BELOW the waistline…especially if you are NEW to electro play. START in the OFF position. Turn ON. Beginning at the LOWEST setting, gradually increase the setting resting at incremental intervals. Doing so allows the body to adjust to each level of stimulation building the “tolerance threshold” and eventually attain your ultimate goal. PAY ATTENTION to your sub’s reactions and proceed accordingly. If it seems too painful, STOP. Remember: Knowledge is the KEY to experience. A good “Top” learns on himself FIRST before using this or any other device on another.

HEALTH WARNING: Consult a medical professional before using this product to make sure this product will not cause harm related to any medical condition you may have. For example, if you have any heart-related problem, use a pacemaker or are prone to seizures of any kind, you should not use this product without close consultation with your doctor. Fort Troff is not responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of any medical condition you may have. Only you and your doctor can confirm this product is safe for use by you.

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