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DILF Paddle
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  • SKU: 02-74-1201-00-00 DILF Paddle

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  • DILF Paddle
  • DILF Paddle
DILF Paddle
  • Daddy loves a RED ass.
  • CLASSIC frat paddle shape. NO added bullshit.
  • Smooth, SOLID cut of [WOOD TYPE].
  • Drilled holes make it fly faster...sting HARDER.
  • Ideal for newbies ‘n pros alike.
  • Precision-sealed, smooth surface.
DILF Paddle is a classic frat paddle shape, smooth and sealed for maximum impact play. 
Vented drilled holes reduce friction and provide a smooth, even mark on the skin. Plain, flat paddles drag in the air. Ours feels lightweight and EASY to use.

CARE 'N CLEAN:  Wipe clean with any mild household cleane or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. 

17.5 inches (44.4 cm) total length. Paddle is approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm) long, 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) wide. Handle is approximately 7 inches (17.7 cm) long, 1.3 inches (3.3 cm) wide. Half-inch thick all the way down. 

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