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  • Diamond x4 Pro

  • SKU: 01-63-0001-01-95
    $1,000.00 $850.00


Now you can Fuck like a PRO with this COMPLETE Diamond KIT:
  • Sling Frame
  • Mesh Nylon Sling with Adjustable Stirrups
  • Sling Fuck Machine Mount
  • Convex Mirror
  • Lube + Paper Towel Holder
  • Universal Phone Mount
  • Military Nylon Carrying Bag

Start with the MOST stable sling to ever come out of the Fort. Seamless Unibar vertical supports stabilize even during the roughest of fuckfests. Our signature Diamond Interlock Core and Boot Grip Base mean zero sway and zero distractions. Our frame takes a poundin’ and BEGS for more.

Our revolutionary mesh sling elevates comfort to a new level. No more sweaty backs! Nestle in for the fuck of your dreams. Our ballistic nylon butt pillow lifts you up and give primo access to your hole. The leg straps and stirrups adjust for the perfect position—put yourself on display and show off your ASSets.

Mounted mirror lets you watch ALL THE ACTION, and the phone mount captures every jizzy detail.
Convenient Cum Caddy keeps the essentials on hand.
When the mayhem is over…break it down and stow away with our ballistic nylon bag.
Butt bonus: We also include a Fuck Machine Mount Bar….which cums in handy when you add on the Gunner Basic.

Cumplete satisfaction guaranteed. FREE shipping within the continental USA.

CARE N CLEAN for the Hammock Sling:
Wash hammock and pillow on gentle cycle and allow to air dry. Can also be spot cleaned with warm water and mild soap. DO NOT BLEACH OR PUT IN DRYER.

DIMENSIONS for the Sling Stand:
Height is 78 inches (1.98 meters) tall. Width is 50.5 inches (1.28 meters) (facing on to fuck.). Length is 65 inches (1.65 meters) (facing sideways). Made from Sturday .047 inch thick steel, it is designed to hold up to 400 pounds. The frame itself weighs 45 pounds so it can travel as checked baggage on most airlines.

DIMENSIONS for the Hammock Sling:
Nylon Hammock measures 22.4 inches (56.90cm) in width and 35.4 inches (89.92cm) in length. Holds up to 440 pounds.


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