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Bottle Blaster
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  • All you need is a water bottle!
  • Carry in your pocket… or your sock.
  • On-the-go clean in minutes.
  • NEVER miss a quickie.
  • Use it… save it… and use again.
We love hot quickies in backrooms, sex clubs, dungeons and on the dance floor. There’s NOTHING more frustrating than being there, horned and ready and knowing you need to CLEAN. The Bottle Blaster is the easiest, most portable on-the-go cleaner EVER. Just grab a water bottle.

This micro KIT includes a flexible silicone nozzle that screws on a water bottle via a “cap.” The KIT has two caps engineered to fit MOST industry standard bottle sizes.

Find the nearest bathroom, screw on the black “cap” with nozzle attachment, then gently clean out, repeating as necessary. When you’re good to go, store all parts in the sanitary tube that’s included in the KIT. Keep it with you, use it AGAIN!

The BEST part? This whole thing fits in your pocket or in your sock if you’re not wearin’ pants. Never miss an on-the-go fuck!
CARE 'N CLEAN: Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner.

KIT INCLUDES: One 4 in (10.2 cm) long soft, silicone nozzle, two black bottle caps, one shower hose adaptor, and one sanitary pocket storage tube. Please understand that this fits MOST popular water and soda bottle sizes. There are some obscure brands that wont fit. Designed by Boneyard. 

WARNING: When you assemble our Bottle Blaster, regardless if you use it with a bottle or with a shower hose via the shower hose attachment piece, you must be certain that ALL pieces are screwed on TIGHT. The silicone cleaning nozzle MUST be pressed fully on both black bottle cap attachments until the bottom of the nozzle is flush against the top of the cap. Please keep in mind that the shower hose attachment piece works ONLY with the larger bottle cap attachment.

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