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NEO X Lockdown Harness

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NEO X Lockdown Harness
NEO X Lockdown Harness
NEO X Lockdown Harness
NEO X Lockdown Harness
NEO X Lockdown Harness
NEO X Lockdown Harness


Our NEO X Lockdown Harness is the bigger, BADDER version of our megahit Cock-Lock Harness. We ditched old-school metal rings and engineered NEW premium silicone Tri-Lock and Bi-Lock Logo Plates. These locks FORM to your body with heat and repeat use...creating the maximum fit.

Neoprene is the same gear that SCUBA wetsuits and other outdoor athletic gear is built of. It holds shape in extreme temperatures, is EASY to clean and 100% WATERPROOF. This lightweight, industrial material FORMS to the shape of your body and holds for perfect fit and durability. This is your BEST fitting harness ever.

Adjustable X straps cross your chest showing off your front while sturdy adjustable holster straps run straight down to your JUNK, leading to our ergonomic silicone cock ring. This cock-lock pushes your junk OUT..while you stay nicely gripped under your jeans. You’ll have a rock-hard bone.

The cockring diameter for both the Regular and Large is 47 mm in diameter.

REGULAR is for chest size 37 inches to 42 inches.
LARGE is for chest size 43 inches to 49 inches.

The FT NEO X Lockdown Harness >>> Regular is a snug fit and if you are taller or have broad shoulders we recommend choosing the Large size. CARE ‘N CLEAN: Made of neoprene. Wipe clean with ANY household cleaner. Try doing that with leather!


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July 3 2018

Oh yea!! I've been waiting for that harness to restock and I'm way excited that I finally got it.

— Chris
June 22 2018

I have never fucked so much in my life!

— Gil
April 12 2018

Everything was fantastic and I used my harness and cock ring with my boyfriend within hours of getting it!!

— TC
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April 11 2018

Thanks for another GREAT item. The Neo Lockdown Harness Looks AMAZING on my boy…. FT you’re the Greatest !!!

— JJ
April 10 2018

I’ll admit it took a few tries to figure out how to put it on (I had to look at the photos) but once I did it fit and felt great! Thanks so much FT....you don’t disappoint and I’m another satisfied customer!

— Wade
April 5 2018

The NEO X Harness is really great! Played all night, wearing it!!

— Stephen
March 29 2018

I just got mine and I'm delighted to say that it fits me perfectly. I love it.

— Stormy
March 28 2018

I’m a owner of the last version of this harness so was excited to get my hand on this one . Once I figured out how to get it I fell in love the fit is amazing I definitely recommend buying this

— Troub
March 26 2018

This is a great looking and great feeling harness! I could wear this harness all day and night long without any discomfort to pinching or binding! Looks terrific with short, levis or just alone with boots and a smile! Can't wait to show off this new harness at Pride Week in Vancouver BC this summer!!! BE MINDFUL OF SIZING - Regular is small/medium and Large is Large/ex-Large. I am 6'1" 200 pds and needed the Large even though my chest is a 42" and I wear a medium shirt, the regular was way too small.

— Donald
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