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Mount 'N Knot

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Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot
Mount 'N Knot


We all LOVE the Raw Pup anal sex toy. It’s our BEST seller here at the Fort but mounting it SOLO can be tricky.

Not anymore! The Mount N Knot is a tool that makes it much easier to insert the Raw Pup. It's got our infamous Sticky Bomb suction base so you can securely mount it to the side of your shower or the lid of your toilet. Made from Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free material that includes a revolutionary Antibacterial "Sil-a-gel" formula, it is super SLICK and has a tapered shape. Just STICK n SIT. It's that quick and easy!

CARE N CLEAN: Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Pat dry. Store separately away from other toys. Safe with water-based lubes only.

DIMENSIONS: The Mount N Knot has a maximum circumference of 4 inches with 4.5 inches of insertable length.

Please understand, the Mount N Knot is designed to work ONLY with the Raw Pup. Raw Pup sold separately.


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June 27 2018

This should definitely be included with the Raw Pup. For me, it was an absolute necessity in order to get the Raw Pup to work when going solo.

— nerdbit
June 3 2018

It is very easy, hard to believe how easy it is to slid in and take the mount out. The mount n knot is the only way to go.

— Nurse Boy
May 2 2018

I agree the mount should be sold wth the raw pup. I was excited when it arrived and when I opened the package I said how are you going to insert it.

— Greg
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April 9 2018

Put it on a hard surface and straddle it! It feels good sliding in my ass. I love how it holds the raw pup.

— MineIsyours
January 21 2018

Oh you guys, my order arrived yesterday, and I could hardly wait to get into it. I opened the box as soon as I got home. First, I had somehow missed that there was a suction cup base included with the Mount N Knot. So, there I am standing in my kitchen, chanting "Holy Fuck a suction cup base" over and over, as images of where I could fasten this incredible thing all over my house tumbled through my suddenly overheated brain. I will admit that I primed my ass with that little red insertable first. That slim, red, mini-tower tickled my ass so well that I couldn't wait to go further. The Mount N Knot is everything you say it is. I rode my Raw Pup gently, and then insistently, and then maniacally until the knot was mounted. That was when I started fucking the Mount N Know in and out of the Raw Pup in my ass ... holy shit! It was an incredible experience. I was almost fucked stupid, but there was more to come.

— m. jones
January 8 2018

Okay, so I consider a must for solo play. It made it so much easier to get in and enjoy, compared to without and previous fun with the Raw Dog. The two should almost be sold together :)

— RS
January 2 2018

It keeps me busy and enjoying myself at the same time.Highly recommend.

— Bobby
December 1 2017

Makes getting it in VERY easy. The steady, firm base makes using the toy possible.

— Piano Man
October 1 2017

Just perfect, so much easier to mount it now solo!

— J
September 29 2017

It does ease the task of getting the Raw Pup in, it also handles very well the riding strokes. It can be improved by enlarging the shaft in order to help the knot of the Raw Pup get in, sometimes i've found myself finishing this task pushing the knot in with my fingers and without the Mount N Knot.

— Maurice
October 4 2015

Certainly does what it is supposed to, makes the raw pup stiffer and easier to sit on.

— Ralph
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