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Ridge Ripper XL

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Ridge Ripper XL
Ridge Ripper XL
Ridge Ripper XL
Ridge Ripper XL


We took the hardest buzz motor we could find...and rubbed it on our prostates. HOLY FUCK. Guys who love a good p-spot massage know it’s like a fucking cum button. Press it and your loads are harder and WAY more intense. Our Ridge Ripper XL takes prostate play to the MAX.

The smooth bulb is nice and fat and slides in EZ. We curved it just right to give you that sweet push. Once it’s in, the one-button controller gets you buzzing in seconds. Simply press and hold the power button to start. Then rock and ride through SEVEN intensity settings, ranging from a mild steady pulse to a hard throb. Get ready to blow!

Best part, Ridge Ripper XL charges magnetically via USB, charge cord included. Recommended charge time is 30 minutes.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Cast in premium seamless SILICONE. H20-based lube is recommended. Clean with warm soap and water or with our Mean Clean toy cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: 6 inches total length. 5 inches insertable length. 5 inches in circumference.


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April 1 2018

Excellent! Strong pulse and variable speeds. Came in just minutes. A must have!

— Don
March 25 2018

I have owned vibrators in the past, but nothing like this. Wow!! I like the setting that has all the combinations over and over again. I would like to make a suggestion, a remote control would be a welcome addition! I would gladly spend the extra money. The 'how to' videos are hot!!

— John
March 2 2018

I am sitting on it, throbbing and pulsing away, as I write this review. I like the stronger sensations than I get from the smaller Ridge Ripper. Five stars all the way!

— Clark
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February 21 2018

Wow what a true Blast. I got this as a Valentine’s present to my husband I had to refrain from using it first! He loves it. First time he was amazed by the power and functions as he experimented until finding the perfect setting. It really hits the proastae perfectly making it a milking machine. When he finally blew his load he shot an unexpected load with multiple pulsating spirts of Beautiful hot cum! He hadn’t blown like that for some time. He finally let me use it the other day giving me as much pleasure I could handle. Thanks for the great service it shipped quickly and stood up to your advertisement. I’m getting ready to order a few more toys and can’t wait to be equally impressed. Keep up the great work.

— Doug
February 21 2018

OMG it is amazing! Used it on my partner Sunday and he was in heaven!

— Scott
February 5 2018

Bought this toy a while back. I like the way the toy fits inside me. I can comfortably walk around and it feels nice. I took it to a sex club in Portland and was wearing it in the dark room while I was getting blow jobs. it was cool because the power button flashes in the dark and caught attention. It was louder than I thought it was going to be. I also put it in some bottom holes before I fucked them, I like the feel and fit. I like the modes and vibrations. Still trying different scenarios with it but I believe it is worth the purchase. Cleans easy and love the USB charger. Now if you guys can build a better ass condom for bottoms that will stay in. Great toy!

— Ryan
January 3 2018

This was an amazing sensation and the pulsing and vibrations were my favorite but liked all the settings. Would defiantly recommend to friends. So glad they came out with a thicker version

— Frank
December 30 2017

I have one of these and its the best toy to get the prostate going in high gear.I use it on a lot of my married men and they go crazy when they cum.

— Ray
December 20 2017

This was Great... I wouldn't change a thing. Love all of the settings and use them ALL. I can't wait to tell my fiends about this one. Keep up the great quality.

— Ray
December 19 2017

It looks nice but this toy vibrates so hard and so fast it sure wasn't causing me pleasure. I had to get that bad boy out of me ASAP!

— Steve
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