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Real Deal Monster 12.5

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Real Deal Monster 12.5
Real Deal Monster 12.5


If you close your eyes and touch it, you'd SWEAR it was real. Made with the LATEST breakthrough in realistic cock technology, our REAL DEAL cocks are formed with two layers. The FIRM core located on the inside to give the feel of a ROCK HARD cock. The outer layer is SOFT and feels like real skin. We've test ridden these new cocks, and DAMN! They are the REALEST dongs we've ever mounted.

Not only do you get a cock that looks and feels unbelievably legit, you also get our superior Sticky Bomb suction base, WAY stronger than any others. Slap it to the side of your shower and back into it. Pop it down on the toilet and mount. Ride it on the hood of your car. Once it's STUCK, you never hafta worry about it sliding out and you can focus on takin' the WHOLE damn thing!

CARE’ N CLEAN: REAL DEAL cocks are made of Ultra-Realistic UR3 material. Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water or better yet, use our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with water-based lubes only.

DIMENSIONS: Here is the advanced size REAL DEAL dong, which measures 8.5 inches in circumference and has 10 inches of insertable length.


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July 27 2017

The feel of the model is realistic and I appreciate the firmer core...

— Preston
July 26 2017

Smooth feel, nice weight. Enjoy the sensation of getting stretched and filled.

— Jackson
July 25 2017

Fucking hot. Fills my ass with the same feeling as skin during a hot bare fuck.... only bigger!

— Jon
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July 24 2017

Realistic feel. It looks real.

— Wade
January 16 2016

I started getting into serious ass play when a friend turned me on to your site. I just got done with the Real Deal sticky bomb 8.5 and all I can say is WOW my hole has never been so sloppy.You’ve made me on very happy pig and I will be back for more.

— Ray
January 3 2016

I can't keep the the sticky bomb 8.5 out of my ass...feels awesome. The dildo just slides right in without any problems even though It's the biggest thing that I have ever fucked myself with. Again, bravo awesome job. Can't wait to place my next order for something even bigger.

— Eddie
December 27 2015

AWESOME DONG! Bought this huge lovely dong back in August/September 2015. 3 months later and my BF still couldn'tt take it. But for me... It was a piece of cake. A little bit of KY and the whole thing was and is inside me all the way to the base. I FREAKING LOVE IT. Wished it could buzz/vibrate and a little longer (perhaps 2"+ or more) and wider. Especially the wider and buzz parts. LOL. Also wished the fuck machine we bought ... alittle stronger so it could stay up when mounting this dong on it and a little more power when my pounding me DP with my BF. Anyway, customer service is awesome.

— Eric
March 17 2014

Wow...Remember the guy you met once, maybe twice? The one you JUST CANNOT FORGET? Its him! Try this guy once and you'll be back for a weekly stretch! If it's your thing you might not want it to get away...you'll want it close! You gotta have it! It FEELS THAT FU(#ING GOOD! This DONG IS THE BOMB, Sticky BOMB if you will...I've had many both the real deal and man made...this is the closest thing..Warm it up and YOU CAN'T TELL what's digging in you deep!!! ENJOY! Worth every penny and I bought TWO!

— Mike
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