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Neo Ball Parachute

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Neo Ball Parachute
Neo Ball Parachute
Neo Ball Parachute
Neo Ball Parachute
Neo Ball Parachute


It's time to PLAY BALL here at the Fort. Designed by our nut stretchin’ crew, we sweated EVERY detail. If you only have one ball play toy, THIS oughta be it! Nothing matches the ease of use and the versatility, for newbies to seasoned pros.

To begin with, you never hafta FUMBLE with snaps to get the right fit around your nuts, thanks to SUPERGRIP Velcro closures. You easily get the fit JUST RIGHT the very FIRST TIME and be confident it will stay STRONG.

Our Neo Ball Parachute ball stretching toy, is lined with neoprene so you've got cushiony thick COMFORT that warms instantly to your skin. We've got a hefty 2-inch ring at the bottom of the chain so it's MUCH easier to grab and pull. Time to let the nut stretchin’ and swingin’ games begin. Always remember to warm up with light weights and go slow as you increase the stretch.

So yeah, don't your nuts deserve the BEST designed 'chute around? Fully guaranteed for your pleasure by the PLAY BALL team here at the Fort!


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July 1 2018

easy to adjust to perfect fit. Better than expected, Very Satisfied.

— George
June 7 2018

Ideal. One of the best I have used. Better than expected.

— KR
May 6 2018

Better than expected. Both fit and comfort are perfect.

— Eric
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March 29 2018

Beautiful design and craftsmanship, as you'd expect from any FT product. Very comfortable as you can add as little or as much weight as you want.

— Shawn
December 3 2017

I bit tight for me. Velcro is convenient I would recommend and would like to see a larger size.

— S
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