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Flip Fuk

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Flip Fuk
Flip Fuk
Flip Fuk
Flip Fuk
Flip Fuk
Flip Fuk


NOBODY beats the sensual cock strokin' pleasure of a Tenga double cock masturbator. Not even Fleshjack, at TWICE the price!

Why do we, at the Fort, go apeshit over Tenga? It's the incredible jelly material they use. Over 4 years in the making, we believe NOTHING feels better against our cocks!

And now there is the US Double Cup which gives you 2X the pleasure in ONE. You can fuck one side for a tighter snug hole. The labyrinth of jelly nubs is INSANE sensory overload for your shaft! Then, SWITCH UP and fuck the OTHER side which is softer and more sensual. Fuckin' EDGE IT! Get close to cumming and pull out and then dive in again.

We love it for gettin' our cocks hard with a bud cuz you and your bud can fuck it at the same time. It's a great new way to warm up before a marathon fuckfest!

The total length is 7 in/17.78cm. So if your dong is over 8 inches, go with one of our other Tenga models.

Designed to be used and abused for many long and hard sessions and then tossed.

Tested by the ENTIRE Fort Troff Grunt Army and we give the new Tenga DOUBLE Hole Cup a sticky finger SALUTE! Your complete, mind-blowin', jackin' satisfaction is our guarantee. Get it ONLY here at the Fort!


[4.9 stars based on 38 reviews]
April 10 2018

It's a fun toy n affordable.

— Curious
March 22 2018

Extremely happy and satisfied!

— Brian
March 22 2018

Extremely happy and satisfied!

— Brian
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April 15 2017

I have tried many JO toys and Tenga, bar none, makes the best. The Flip Fuk is a great toy. It's prelubricated, the jelly-like interior feels very fleshy, and it's disposable. I've used my current one for about 12 uses so far and it's still fine. I don't use a condom when fucking it. I leave my jizz inside it. I can likely still get another 5 or so uses from it before ordering another one. Throw away your Fleshlight and get a Tenga product. There really is no comparison. Tenga is just superior.

— Darrell
March 4 2017

One of the most amazing toys on the market. I have tired other similar toys with marginal luck, so was a bit skeptical about this one. When my box arrived with all my goodies, I immediately stripped down and laid on my bed. The sensations from this toy using the "sweet side" were simply amazing that as hard as I tried to hold back, I could not and blew my load within 5 minutes, the quickest ever! I cannot wait to try the "bitter end" and then both ends at the same time with my partner - definitely a must have toy.

— Mark
March 3 2017

Incredible sensation. This toy is awesome feeling. The down side is that I came too quick!!! The up side is that I have a Prince Albert piercing and not only was I able to leave the jewelry in, but it felt wonderful even with the PA. I give it 5 tongues!!!

— Barry
November 8 2016

Was surprised when I first opened it that it comes pre-lubed. But it worked out great, my cock was so excited and hard to try it I slide right in both holes to see which I preferred...came in both. Prefer the bigger opening, feels like a pig bottoms hole. Great price for a great toy. The only downside is it's a little tricky to dry out after you clean it but the overall it's still worth every penny.

— Merman81
September 28 2016

This is the first sex toy I've ever bought and I am so glad I bought it. This thing is as good, if not better than sex. Made me cum in under 3 minutes and I usually take about 15. Would recommend to everyone. It feels sooooo good.

— Brian
June 6 2016

I bought a couple of these to try them out. So far, I've used it to get me off after edging myself for a long time with my hand. From the moment I slide my hard and charged cock into it, it grips me so perfectly I'm ready to shoot at a moment's notice. Totally get off on shooting my load inside of this hot toy...it just pulls my cum out of me. If you don't order 2 or more of these, you'll be sorry...

— Catcher
May 5 2016

The TENGA FLIP FUCK IS AMAZING! It arrived fast, a few of my fuck buddies were here when it arrived. Let me tell you... We had a great time. The feel of a buddies cock sliding next to yours is something only the flip fuck will allow you to do. We gave a rough first use. Now when we get together to fuck we use the Tenga to warm up with. LOVE IT. The General and all the grunts are the best

— Wes
December 5 2015

Absolutely incredible on your cock that you will not want to pull out before shooting a massive load. However, the feeling is so good that if you do not pull out, after shooting a few loads in it will have be disposed of. Did not know this but did get 10-12 sloppy loads off while useing it and using those loads. Actually the shought of reusing it with my loads got me off even more.

— Mike
November 15 2015

Highly recommended toys Feels great The second or third time around The first was a little too much lube for me But highly highly Recommend everybody on one of these

— big d
October 3 2015

seen other guys mention cleaning it in reviews, but seems designed to be disposable to me. shot quite a few loads in mine over a couple of weeks before it got grungy and i tossed it. the bitter side is crazy intense...too much for me actually. the sweet side is right up there with some of the sweetest holes i've ever fucked.

— PeppermintJack
July 10 2015

Amazing and I loved that it came pretty lubed! Took a little bit to figure out how to clean though.

— J
May 23 2015

Amazing product! A friend brought one back from Europe with only one side to use. I bought this thinking it was the same, what a surprise to see both sides available. Feels great inside. Great with a friend! Feel like the kid on the block with the best new toy! Had to order another one though because I had no idea how to clean it...so I ran a hose through it. Took me awhile to put back together and dry out.

— jdgpv
April 28 2015

I stuck my hard cock in the Tenga Flip Fuck, a couple strokes and I was shooting my load, it kept cuming, and cuming. Then I took my hard cock and stuck it in the other hole, and a minute later, shot another load.

— chibblitz
April 1 2015

Who are these two fuckin hot guys in the video? WOW they are both hot. You guys should make videos to sell with these two and others on your sight so that we could buy the product and watch the guys that made you buy the product! Kudos to Fort Troff in having great products, customer service and hot guys. They always make it an eacy and friendly experience. If these two guys have or in a full length video let me know. Plan a ordering a few things here soon. Thanks

— Chris
March 16 2015

AMAZING! Used it alone and with boyfriend! After several loads it was dripping cum when used. Best fucking thing out there

— Schweinigel
March 14 2015

I love that it’s unique. Would love if it lasted longer than several sessions. Love Fort Troff’s no nonsense reliable service

— nwvdog
March 6 2015

Feels great using either end. Very easy to use and store away discreetly. Fort Troff has an easy to use website, great range of products, unrivaled customer service and reliable shipping.

— Shaneo Bear
March 4 2015

I loved that it was pre-lubed. Also love the option to share with a friend at the same time. I love this item. I've brought myself to 3 marvelous climaxes with it and want to do more.

— David E
March 3 2015

Great feeling. Fun for 1 or 2

— Ted in DC
February 28 2015

Perfect for double fucking. Husband and I had fun with it

— NB 01
February 27 2015

It's interesting. I like one side better than the other. It actually made me cum faster than my flesh jack!

— H Brennan
February 25 2015

Like the construction and ease of use. The plastic wrapper appears to stay on in the videos and on line. However, not only did the two ends come off, but the entire plastic wrap came off leaving the product completely bear. I figured out that the respective ends can be remembered by the indented rings on each end, This seems minor. I have tried the item solo and with another guy like the video. In both instances it was GREAT. Exactly what I was hoping for

— Saturn09
February 21 2015

Prelubricated and very snug but comfortable fit. Would be better if both end caps screwed on. I'm able to change the feeling intensity all the time!

— jjack
February 19 2015

Double sided diff grip one side to other, I can use it with my bf.

— gonzahh
February 17 2015


February 15 2015

Like the caps. Love how it closes and looks nothing like a fuck toy, I can even leave it laying on the nightstand and no one can tell what it is. Especially my nosey Mother. When I pulled it out to use on my partner hsi eyes spun arround...then we both stood up, faced each other and fucked it together. WOWEEEE what a fun ride that was!!!

February 10 2015

Great that its double sided. Love how it feels on both ends. Was great to use, easy to clean. Fun times.

— Bioshock Stud
February 6 2015

Like that my partner and I could use it at the same time. Wish there was less lube had to clean some of it out of the toy before we could use it very messy. we both enjoyed it several times the first day we had it!

— Dennis C
February 3 2015

Feels like magic on my cock. Thinking about buying a case of them. Greatest thing for blue balls. I recommend it for anyone who has ever had a guy screw around with making a date or showing up.

— Rev. Mike
January 27 2015

I like it's versatility and it's great use. The labeling on it made it hard to open so finding a way to remove the label would be great. my partner and I have enjoyed using the Tenga Flip Fuk together.

— Jason Rae
January 25 2015

Hey guys--AWESOME to see you're carrying Tenga products now! I discovered Tenga when I couldn't afford a Fleshjack a few years back. Started first with one of the disposables and when that had my dick shooting more cum than ever before in about 15 seconds (sadly, I'm not joking!) I ordered a couple more of the disposables. The Flip FuK is heaven on earth! The multitude of textures covering the interior walls will make you squirm and squeal like a pig, and when you exert pressure along the side...well, give it up buddy, 'cuz you ain't gonna last much longer! One comment--it's a little small. I'm not hung all that big--an honest 7 long with a circumference of 6" and it's a tight fit. Visiting tops with bigger dicks were

— TK
January 21 2015

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The sucking feeling you get on your cock is AWESOME. It's all slippery and wet on the inside and your hands stay clean during the hole jack off process - great to shoot a load before going to sleep without having a mess ... I especially love to fuck the toy deeply until the entire cock is inside the toy and the base of the toy closes completely on my shaved cock. I have used the toy while wearing condoms and not - both was incredible!

January 12 2015

Absolutely one of the best toys I have purchased for me and my partner to use. It is great that finally there is something that we can both use at the same time! The only thing I wish was different was a harder case around it. I tend to squeeze to hard! Otherwise, I love it and would buy another if something ever happened to this toy and I also would recommend to all!

— Brendon
January 7 2015

One of the best toys that I have ever used. As soon as I took it out of the wrapper and saw that it was pre- lubed, I got an instant hard on and had to use it . ended up using it four more times that day, And I use it three or four time a day everyday. Love the feel that it gives. Can't get enough of it I guess that at the rate I am going I'll have to get a new one very soon, it is addicting....

— David
January 3 2015

I can't believe no one has reviewed this most awesome product, so allow me to step up and take this one. Recently I've chosen to embrace my inner slut and have had a pretty damn great time exploring this side of me. In my sexplorations, I decided to buy a Fleshlight. Not a cheap toy, but seemed like a good idea. I took my new purchase home and, with a buddy, tried it out. It was a painfully ho-hum experience for me. In fact, I had a lot more fun fucking my buddy's bone with it than my own. One of those disappointments in life, I suppose. Then I found this Flip Fuck thing. Holy. Crap. What a difference! I'm rating it 5 stars and I've actually only made it through ONE of its two fuck holes. Where the Fleshlight drained my pocketbook and not my balls, I was only able to make it about three minutes before I blew my load, while saving a huge wad in my wallet. At under $20, you just can't go wrong with this one. Trust me. Check. It. Out. Coming soon: me...and also my review of the other side of the Flip Fuck....

— Alexcito el Diablito
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