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P-Spot Curve

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P-Spot Curve
P-Spot Curve
P-Spot Curve
P-Spot Curve
P-Spot Curve


Our industrial, alien-looking P-Spot Curve has a sporty, discreet look but YES, it’s a fucking vibrator made for cum-controlling MEN who wanna take charge of your JIZZ BUTTON. P-Spot tools deliver HARDER, BETTER and DEEPER orgasms and the only way is through your ass.

Guys everywhere are getting into P-Spot hyper-stimulation and training their cocks to CUM ON COMMAND. Milk your meat from the inside where it matters, then jack your dick till you BLOW.

P-Spot Curve has a smooth, ergonomic curvature. It slides in EASY with a thicker bulb at the tip to hit you perfectly in the right spot. Loaded with over 7 vibration settings ranging from gentle tremble to HOLY FUCK, you won’t need to do much. Surf through the different settings with a click of a button on the handle or leave it on the one you like. Then RIDE it to the end.

Want more? The built-in tug handle on the base lets you slide it in and out massaging you perfectly for P-Spot sensory overload.

DIMENSIONS: Total length is 8 inches. Insertable length is 5.5 inches. Circumference at widest point is 5 inches.

CARE AND CLEAN: USB Rechargeable. Chord is included. Made of premium, high-grade silicone. Due the supreme quality of our silicone, water-based lube is recommended. Regardless what lube you use, be sure to always wash it off when you’re done with warm, soapy water or with our Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store away from all other toys and out of direct sunlight.


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September 5 2018

This was one of the BEST purchases I've EVER made. I was nervous to even put the tip in and next thing I knew, he had the whole thing inside me, with me screaming. I am totally happy thank you so much,

— Kyree
July 24 2018

I am now on my way to some deep vibrating pleasure!

— Francisco
July 12 2018

I got the P-Spot Curve and finally had the day off to get it charged up. AWESOME ! I LOVE IT!!! It’s better than expected. Thank you for making a great product!

— John
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June 20 2018

It’s GREAT ... I thought there was an issue with the P-Spot Curve but I realized I was not holding the power button down long enough .. ALL GREAT NOW!

— William
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