It’s BACK: The Best Rim Job Ever 
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FT ELECTRO >>> Fuck Rod

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FT ELECTRO >>> Fuck Rod
FT ELECTRO >>> Fuck Rod
FT ELECTRO >>> Fuck Rod
FT ELECTRO >>> Fuck Rod
FT ELECTRO >>> Fuck Rod


Holes are hungry for Electro play! Here's why we love E-Stim ass toys. Electro currents will make your hole expand and contract. Turn up the knob to find the right buzz...and our ELECTRO Fuck Rod will literally drill in 'n out...FUCKING you till you're begging to cum.

Our ELECTRO Fuck Rod was made to fuck you back. Turn up the current and feel your spinchter tighten...and this bad boy pumps in. You're getting pegged with a turbo-charged fuck stick. Plug into ANY FT Power Box...and this beastie is charged 'n ready.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: H20 based lubes are recommended. Try our ELECTRO Lube for increased E-Stim sensation. Wash with warm soap and water...or with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: 4.75 inches diameter at widest point. 4.75 inches insertable length. 5.3 inches total length.

Please keep in mind that FT ELECTRO Fuck Rod is a premium ELECTRO accessory and will not work without our ELECTRO Power Box and Wires, which are sold separately.


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May 25 2017

Use the Fuck Rod with theFort Troff Power Box. Very stimulating and was fun to play with with my sounds.

— A
May 23 2017

my favorite things are, shape and size, intense electric orgasm. Great quality

— G.
May 21 2017

Definitely easy insertion. No problems getting that bad boy in. I would like a stronger feel.

— Mark
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May 20 2017

Very satisfied and loved that It is made of wonderful material and its size.

— JS
May 17 2017

Its the perfect size and shape and the sensations are delivered equally throughout its by far one of my fav's in the electro toys I've purchased from you all. Used this with the Fort Troff Power Box

— Bradley
May 16 2017

Above Satisfied with this and this is new to me. I used the Fuck Rod with the Fort Troff Power Box. Still new, Has a good feel, not too large yet noticeable.

— R.
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