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FT ELECTRO >>> Bands

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FT ELECTRO >>> Bands
FT ELECTRO >>> Bands
FT ELECTRO >>> Bands


Here’s the BEST way to JUICE your junk! These hyper-elastic nylon straps are SUPER STRETCHY and conduct electricity lightning FAST. What’s more, they’re EZ to cinch up TIGHT around your cock or balls.

Keep in mind FT ElectroBands are UNIPOLAR…meaning ONE point… so you’ll need TWO to create a current pathway between them. No worries. There’s 2 in our pack!

ELECTRIC PLAY SAFETY TIPS: While E-STIM can be powerfully fun and orgasmic, there are precautions you should know! As with any electrical device, AVOID using near water or pools of sweat or piss (this may damage the device and cause an unintentional SHOCK). Keep ALL play BELOW the waistline…especially if you are NEW to electro-play. (There are specially designed “Bi-Polar” nipple clamps that run current through each nipple, NEVER nipple-to-nipple across the heart.) Doing so, may cause the heart to STOP and DEATH to occur. Again, use only BELOW the waistline. START in the OFF position. Turn ON. Beginning at the LOWEST setting, gradually increase the setting...resting at incremental intervals. (Doing so, allows the body to adjust to each level of stimulation… building the “tolerance threshold” and eventually attain your ultimate goal). PAY ATTENTION to your sub’s reactions and proceed accordingly. If it seems too painful… STOP. Remember: Knowledge is the KEY to experience. A good “Top” learns on himself FIRST before using this or any other device on another.


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October 3 2016

The bands work perfectly fine with my TENS unit, each one slipping effortlessly onto a positve or negative pole of the existing wire. Adding conductive jelly ups the ante and evens out the jolts, turning them from sharp, crackling pulses into deep, throbbing ones all the way from the taint up through the urethra to the head of my dick. All in all, I really enjoyed these, and will be looking for other accessories to help elevate the pleasure even more!

— Hangry Starfish
July 10 2016

I got the cock electro rings in and immediately had to try them. HOLY SHIT! These things rock... i was able to get the dial up to the highest level and my cock just stayed rock hard. I would suggest these for every gay make!