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FT ELECTRO >>> Probe

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FT ELECTRO >>> Probe
FT ELECTRO >>> Probe
FT ELECTRO >>> Probe
FT ELECTRO >>> Probe
FT ELECTRO >>> Probe


The FT ELECTRO Probe is our latest cum-drippin’ addition to FT ELECTRO gear…for E-Stim players craving a DEEP buzz. This little brute delivers ass-tingling electro all the way down its flexible shaft…so you can feel the vibe in places you NEVER thought possible.

This probe is made of premium, body-safe silicone that bends and moves with you. Settings range from a mild steady pulse to intense spikes. Start on a low setting and slowly crank it UP…you’ll be beggin’ for more.

Slide the probe deep in your ass to feel that toe-curlin’ buzz all the way down the smooth stem, or pop the bullet IN and OUT of your hole for an intense spinchter-shock.

The base of the ELECTRO Probe plugs into the two-prong plug in ANY FT ELECTRO Kit power box, including the Basic Kit and the Maxx Kit. It can also be used solo with the Maxx Power Box. The round bullet delivers the most concentrated E-Stim. Pump your prostate till you’re drooling and ready to BLOW.

DIMENSIONS: The FT ELECTRO Probe has 8 inches of insertable length and is 3.85 inches in circumference at its widest point. The stem is 1.75 inches in circumference.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: The FT ELECTRO Probe is made of premium comfort silicone, so you can wipe it clean with any cleaner or with our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Remember that this is an electrical toy, so you CANNOT clean it under running water and soap. Simply wipe clean and you’re good to go.

ELECTRIC PLAY SAFETY TIPS: While E-STIM can be powerfully fun and orgasmic, there are precautions you should know! As with any electrical device, AVOID using near water or pools of sweat or piss (this may damage the device and cause an unintentional SHOCK). Keep ALL play BELOW the waistline…especially if you are NEW to electro-play. (There are specially designed “Bi-Polar” nipple clamps that run current through each nipple, NEVER nipple-to-nipple across the heart.) Doing so, may cause the heart to STOP and DEATH to occur. Again, use only BELOW the waistline. START in the OFF position. Turn ON. Beginning at the LOWEST setting, gradually increase the setting...resting at incremental intervals. (Doing so, allows the body to adjust to each level of stimulation… building the “tolerance threshold” and eventually attain your ultimate goal). PAY ATTENTION to your sub’s reactions and proceed accordingly. If it seems too painful… STOP. Remember: Knowledge is the KEY to experience. A good “Top” learns on himself FIRST before using this or any other device on another.

Please keep in mind that FT ELECTRO Probe is a premium ELECTRO accessory and will not work without our ELECTRO Power Box and Wires, which is sold separately.


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November 28 2017

Talk about hit the right spot and make it all happen. This is the one to do it. I love this probe and so glad I added it to my collection.

— Jon
July 23 2016

This was my first toy like this and it is remarkable! I love the feeling when it is deep inside me giving me everything I need.

— Devon