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FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM

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FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM
FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM
FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM
FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM
FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM
FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM
FT Ass Rock >>> MEDIUM


We love classic, round “ball hitch” plugs. Popping them in and out...and feeling your tight holes deliciously STRETCH...is enough to make any bottom bitch CUM. FT Ass Rock Plugs crank up the sensation...and the VISUAL! Instead of a round sphere, these plugs are geometric, composed of tiny facets and soft points, so you feel EVERY millimeter sliding in and out.

BEST PART...these plugs are made of crystal-clear TPR, so your top can WATCH your hole open. Let him grab a flashlight and SEE that beautiful pink stretch. It’s fucking hot.

Graduated sizing lets you start small and work your way UP. They make a killer ass trainer kit...perfect for getting your ass worked open and ready for MORE.

DIMENSIONS: The FT Ass Rock is available in 3 sizes:

Small = 3.75 total inches with 3.25 insertable inches and 5.5 inches of circumference at the widest point.
Medium = 4.25 total inches with 3.75 insertable inches and 6 inches of circumference at the widest point.
Large = 5 total inches with 4.5 insertable inches and 7 inches of circumference at the widest point.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Safe with all lubes...just remember to wash it off thoroughly when you’re done. Wash with mild soap and warm water...or with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Towel dry and store away from heat and sunlight. Store separately from other toys.


[5 stars based on 5 reviews]
October 26 2017

Love the "fullness" feeling it gives. The shape is great. The bumps you can sometimes feel it but the best part of the shape is how long it is. The narrow part of the plug allows the plug to sit and stay in your ass.

— Jr
October 22 2017

Love the sensation when you tug on it. I like the facets. the facets added more surface area to bump against things.

— Charlie
October 18 2017

Very Satisfied, love the look and feel. Great fit.

— Justin
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October 11 2017

Great butt toy! I really like the size & shape. I'd give it an A+.

— hephaestes
October 10 2017

GREAT, love the feel. Perfect fit

— RP
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